We’re waiting for Android O to finally launch just a few months from now, but Google is keeping us occupied by putting out Android O Developer Previews. The most recent one is Android O Developer Preview 4, and this is to be the last DP before Android O is finally launched to the public this summer.

Android O Developer Preview 4 is mainly for developers who want to test their apps’ compatibility to Android O. Within DP4 is the final system behaviors, the latest bug fixes and optimizations, and the final APIs (API level 26) so developers can now take advantage of this to see if their apps will work correctly once Android O is launched.

With Android O DP4, developers can test API behavior, such as shortcut pinning – apps can directly pin a specific shortcut as an icon in the launcher. Notification dots are now made available for apps so that long taps can show users what the notification is about. Developers can now start using these new behaviors for their apps.

The system images for Android O DP4 are now available for download. If you are already on an earlier version of the developer preview, this update should arrive OTA for you. Otherwise, you will have to flash the system images to your phone.

SOURCE: Android