It seems that carriers are learning lately that their subscribers just want to listen to their music streaming in peace, without worrying about additional data charges and exceeding their data allocation. Virgin Mobile USA started just this October their unlimited data-free music streaming plan and new partners have been added to the roster, specifically 8tracks and Samsung Milk Music. This should attract more subscribers to the service, even as competitors are building their own roster as well.

T-Mobile and its Music Freedom program has the big names in it (Spotify, Deezer, etc) but the addition of these two, 8tracks and Samsung Milk Music to Virgin Mobile will boost their stock, joining other available music streaming services like Pandora, iHeart, and Slacker Radio. 8tracks helped make popular again a different kind of “mixed tape” for this digital generation, with carefully curated playlists generally made up of 8 songs each. Samsung Milk Music meanwhile has over 200 stations that you can choose from.

Virgin Mobile’s Data Free Music allows subscribers to listen to the five music streaming services (hopefully more in the future) without the data allocation being affected. You can choose from either the 1GB plan ($35/month), the 3GB plan ($45/month) or the 8GB plan ($55/month), all of which have unlimited data, talk, and text, plus the music streaming without data charges.

The carrier also added two more smartphones to choose from when subscribing to the Data Free Music plans: the LG Tribute 2, 4.5-inch display smartphone with a 1900mAH battery; and the LG G Stylo, with its 5.7-inch HD IPS touchscreen and a Stylus Pen to boot.

SOURCE: Virgin Mobile USA