The options for Internet streaming have never been wider, and for Android users, they just got a bit more so. 8tracks,  an Internet radio service that takes pride in its human curated stations, has released the first version of its Android app to the Market. You can download it for free now.

8tracks is built on a simple principle: collections of eight songs each, chosen for their commonality along a theme or style. The playlists transition from one to another for uninterrupted listening. The idea is t0 recreate the experience of home-made mixtapes or burned CDs – or, for those of you who didn’t grow up watching Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, actual 8-tracks. Collections are tagged by style and artist, and you can “like” certain artists, songs, mixes or DJs to let the service learn your preferences Pandora-style.

Each Mix is created by a DJ, some of whom are surprisingly well-known. Celebrity DJs include Rolling Stone, Pitchfork and Spin. If you like a particular song, you can tag it for easy recollection to buy it in iTunes the Amazon MP3 store later. So far the user reviews are positive (with the odd exception that the app crashes when you hit the3 settings button on some phones), so why not give it a spin?