Yes, it’s that time of day. Only time will tell if this does make it onto the market. This is a 5-inch Android tablet by Acorp. The representative did say it would be available next month.  It does look pretty good though and it should be affordable.

There is also a 7-inch tablet that will follow shortly after the 5-incher. It has Android 1.5 and will be upgraded to 2.2, there is also an HDMI output that supports 720p video and it is powered by a Rockchip 600MHz ARM9. And it also has a micrsSD slot, 3.5mm jack and Wi-Fi. The touch screen is resistive and there is a stylus included to help you navigate through the resistive screen. Its looks almost identical to the Dell Streak, it even has the same red color scheme on the back. If you buy in bulk, you can purchase these for $88, bulk meaning 1000. The representative also said that there will be one with a faster processor releasing later this year, we’ll see if any of this happens.


[via androidspin]