What better way to see Android’s cannibalization of RIM’s BlackBerry than a graph of Verizon’s smartphone sales over the 20 months? All Things Digital points to data compiled by ITG Investment Research analyst Matthew Goodman that visually details the decrease in BlackBerry sales as the market becomes more sophisticated and varied.

According to the data, 80 percent of smartphone sales were Android devices in which 46 percent were DROID branded. RIM sure has a growing issue on its hands as new devices compete with the business space in mobile sales.

[Via All Things Digital]


  1. As the securiy, stability and applications rise on Android o/s, there becomes less of a need for Rim’s antiquated o/s. Lack of innovation by RIM might as well use “RIP” for the o/s in the next 20 months. Even the ipods/iphones will start looking in that rear view mirror alot more as android drops it like it’s hot.


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