A new video game has landed exclusively for Android gamers and it is a remake of an old classic game. The game is called the 7th Guest: 20th Anniversary Edition. This game was incredibly popular when it first launched back in 1994. Obviously, it wasn’t originally aimed at mobile platforms since there really wasn’t any mobile gaming back then.

The game will have players exploring Henry Stauf’s mansion. The premise is that you are the first person in the house since six guests went in long ago and never came out. As the player, you move from room to room trying to figure out who the unknown 7th guest was.

The game has full motion video and dialog recorded by live actors. There are a number of puzzles to play and 22 3D rendered rooms for players to explore. The special anniversary version of the game has new hotspot based gaming, new icons, and animation.

There is a new map that can be accessed while playing and a new game menu with load and save system. Players can also choose from four music options including The praised, orchestrated, music score remastered, and the original Midi score. The game is on Google Play now for $3.99.

SOURCE: Google Play