Self-checkout or cashierless experiences aren’t really new with stores like Ikea, Sam’s Club, and Amazon. It seems to be the trend that some retail stores are going into. 7-Eleven said last year that they planned to go into cashierless checkouts as well and now we’re seeing them test it out in at least 14 stores in Dallas. Shoppers will be able to use the scan-and-go technology in participating stores although there will still be staff to assist them in some aspects of their shopping experience.

Users will need to download the Scan & Pay app on their Android smartphone before they start buying stuff at the 7-Eleven. You will, of course, need to have a payment source linked to the app as well. Then when you go around the store, you can scan the items that you will buy on the app. When you’re done picking and scanning, you will now have to pay for your purchases through the app using the payment source that you previously inputted.

They still will not be able to totally do away with cashiers though as there are some items that will still need their help. For example, if you’re buying alcohol, they will still need to check for ID. They also need to be involved in the handling of hot food items. And if there are customers that don’t want to do Scan & Pay, they will of course still be there to check them out.

This system is a bit different from the Amazon Go cashierless store. The latter uses several kinds of technology to automatically detect when you put an item in your cart and when you remove something and automatically charging your Amazon account when you leave. But the 7-Eleven tech still requires a little bit of human intervention, but at least they won’t have to stand in line anymore (well, if there are lines in that 7-Eleven usually) and things should be able to go faster.

The Scan & Pay feature will be available at 14 7-Eleven stores in the Dallas, Texas area starting today. If ever you come across one, let us know how it goes.

VIA: SlashGear