There are several convenience stores that are open 24 hours that you can choose from. But when you’re doing a snack run at 2 in the morning, you’re probably looking at which one has the most convenient payment options especially if you’re out of cash and you don’t want to go to an ATM to withdraw. 7-Eleven has several digital advantages over its competitors and now they’re adding one more: the ability to pay for your purchases through Google Pay.

Just in case you didn’t know or you forgot, Google Pay is a contactless mobile payment system that lets you leave your cash and your cards at home and just bring your phone, or sometimes even just your smartwatch in some cases, and pay at stores that have NFC terminals. Now 7-Eleven is adding this payment option for you in selected US stores, adding to its already robust portfolio of mobile payment systems, which includes Google Pay competitor Samsung Pay.

As long as you have the Google Pay app installed in your mobile device and you’ve already added the cards or bank accounts that will be your source of funding, you can walk into the participating 7-Eleven stores, choose what you need or want to buy, walk up to the counter, and tap your smartphone to the NFC terminal and then walk out of the store with your goods (well, assuming your payment goes through of course).

7-Eleven is no stranger to digital innovations. It has introduced several products the past few months to market to those who want to make convenience store shopping as digitally friendly as possible. Among others, they have the 7-Eleven NOW app where you can order products on your mobile device and the 7Rewards app-based customer loyalty program.

Check first with your local 7-Eleven that Google Pay payment is available there before you leave the house without your wallet or any cash or card. Let us know if the experience is as seamless as promised.

SOURCE: 7-Eleven