Remember 500 Firepaper, that app that turns 500px photos into a livewallpaper? Now it’s back with a vengeance and has a few major features in tow, including an overhaul of the History Browser and a partnership with the 500px mothership.

There are many changes included in this version two point oh of Chainfire’s app, but the highlight of the release is a new option that lets you sign up for 500px Pro without actually signing up for 500px Pro. The official 500px API limits chaching, that is, storing an image locally, for only 24 hours, a limitation that goes away with a Pro account. A special partnership between 500 Firepaper and 500px allows the app’s users to make an in-app purchase that gives them a certain special privilege not found in any other 500px client. Users who have paid the price will be able to hold on to images for a maximum of 7 days before the 500px server implements the usual non-Pro restriction.

Those who will avail of this feature will be able to mark certain photos to be held for that time range. They can do so by tapping on the pin icon for that photo. In order to support this new workflow, the History Browser has also been revised. A triple tap on the homescreen background will start up with History Browser instead of jumping to the 500px website, though an extra tap in the action bar will take them to 500px as well.

Other new features in 500 Firepaper 2.0 aren’t as spectacular but are no less important. Hardware acceleration has been implemented although it is still marked as experimental due to possible side effects and increased memory usage. The app also allows users to set a default image that will be used when 500 Firepaper runs out of images to display, instead of simply presenting a scary blank screen. Chainfire’s updated 500 Firepaper is now up on Google Play Store, is still available for free, but is now indicated to have in-app purchases to support the new 500px partnership.

Download: 500 Firepaper on Google Play Store
SOURCE: +Chainfire