Chainfire has rolled out a nice, new app called 500 Firepaper, which pulls pics from popular photography site 500px for your device background image. You can choose which category you’d like the pics pulled from, and Firepaper will randomly select pics to display. You can also select Editors Choice or Most Popular.

Interestingly enough, this all came about from boredom, and a distaste for the Nexus 5 wallpaper. The app had been a backburner work-in-progress for some time, but a little push egged the developer on. In a Google+ post, Chainfire notes “This weekend I had some time to spare and didn’t feel like working on any of my usual apps, and I was annoyed with the Nexus 5 wallpaper, so I finished this up (this is something I actually want for my own phone).”

Pulling from 500px is a great idea, too. The pics are excellent, and it adds something different to your device. While current mobile device displays don’t do most 500px images much justice, it’s still a cool idea, and often better than wallpapers you find elsewhere.

We also like that it lets you subtly theme your device. By choosing a genre or category, you can essentially create an evolving theme for your mobile devices without the fuss of changing your launcher and such. We like launchers like Themer, but this is a really nice way to add something a little less invasive to your device. It’s currently available on the Play Store with a ranking of 4.8, and is totally free.

VIA: Phandroid