Here’s a rather fat hybrid machine for you to place your eyeballs on. This machine is being worked on by Chinese brand Dion and is generally thought to be still in the prototype stage. It has no name, no number, and basically appears to be very similar to a mini notebook when closed. When open, it runs Android 2.1 and has a Samsung-sourced 4.8 inch WVGA capacitive LCD touchscreen with LED backlighting, support fo rmulti-touch, and has a full QWERTY keyboard clearly made for thumb typing. There’s also a tiny 1.3MP webcam and mic for all your video calling needs.

This machine is powered by a Marvell PXA935 processor and NPX5209 chipset, the PXA935 very possibly ranging in speed from 624MHz to 1GHz or more. Connectivity is thus: 2G GSM for voice, 3G WCDMA for data/voice, b/g/n WiFi, GPS, TV reception, FM radio, Bluetooth, and support for microSD cards up to 32GB for extra storage. Looks kinda like a Nintendo DS with a big fat keyboard on one side, yes? What do you think of such a device?

[Via Pocketables]