Well, if you think the news about the Google Nexus One are going to stop or slow down, let me say that you are wrong. The folks over at Nexusphoneblog have been playing and testing a Nexus One, they also posted a youtube video for your viewing pleasure.

With January 5th just around the corner, and everyone expecting Google to go official with the announcement of the Nexus One, news about this handset just keep on coming. And the Benchmarking of this phone is a great deal to many Android developers and future users alike.

According to the French translation; the opinion of the tester is: “26.7 fps, not bad but a little disappointing. The lack of PowerVR feels”. It might be a little disappointing, but is still a good result and a good feeling about the graphics and power of this already famous Android handset, which might already be the “best Android-powered device on the planet”. If you like to check the high resolution photos of the Nexus One, just head on to this thread in our forums.


[Via SlasGear & Our Forums]