3D HDTV’s are all the range in the consumer market, at least manufacturers think so. Sales so far of 3D sets have not been very impressive with the main drawback being the expensive 3D glasses. The future seems to be glasses-free 3D displays which are currently being developed, but the question is: is there a need for such a display on a mobile device?

Sharp thinks there is a need for 3D displays on mobile devices. Word is that they’re currently developing not one but two Android-based 3D smartphones for the Japanese market.

“Sharp has just trotted out a pair of glasses-free 3D Android handsets for Japan’s Softbank network in the form of the touchscreen slate 003SH and QWERTY-slidin’ 005SH. A 1GHz Snapdragon powers Froyo on both, with the 3D-capable displays stretching to 3.8 inches and 800 x 480 resolution.”

Now if executed correctly this will be quite a novelty, but needed? We do not know, yet. It’s unlikely that 3D displays will become common on mobile devices because simply there isn’t anything major they can bring to the table. Sure it would be cool, but other than that what can they provide? 3D in theaters and home TVs is used for further immersion into content, do we really need to be immersed further into our cellphone?

Only time will tell, but how these two devices play out will sure be interesting.