WHOA! Android running on a 32″ or 46″ multi-touch display — Yes please! What we have here is a signage company called SKR Technology and they have developed a sweet prototype multi-touch system running atop Android 2.3 Gingerbread on a 32″ display. Currently it runs off a regular Android terminal which is connected via USB to the touch sensors, HDMI to the display port, and it fully replicates the Android interface and can also display full HD video.

Right off the bat you can see they’ve hit a few things right. The environment and user interface looks great and runs pretty quick, and multi-touch is as smooth as butter on that huge display.

Here’s what SKR had to say about their new system.

Our company makes digital signage, and people were asking us to create a large screen device which has multi-touch functionality like a smartphone. We first tried to make it using Windows 7, but it didn’t meet the needs of our customers. They said they wanted crisp, fluid movement like in a smartphone but with a high resolution display. But when we asked touch panel and peripheral manufacturers they said they don’t support the Android OS, so we were temporarily stalled. We want to do a lot more work with Android in the future, so we decided to develop the system ourselves.

If this has you as excited and interested as me you wont want to miss the video below. The clip shows just how well the integration is and the performance looks to be quite snappy. SKR had to develop their own device driver for Android in order to achieve this large, multi-touch display, and that is what is used in the device shown. It really shows another possible level for Android that we haven’t seen thus far.

With future plans to commercialize other display sizes including a smaller 23 inch variant, and a 46 incher, I have ideas of tossing one of these on the patio or into my coffee table in a few years from now. If this can be produced at a decent price point the commercial appeal for a system like this could possibly be explosive, and I can see SKR doing well with such a system. Hopefully we will see more soon. Check out the video below.

[via Akihabaranews]