G-Suite 2-Step Verification

More security measures are being introduced by Google. The tech giant continues to ensure the privacy and safety of customers are intact. Just the other day, we said Google would bring Prompt 2FA to all phones you’re signed in. Related changes have been made as phone verification can prompt the primary 2-Step Verification (2SV). This method is available for all eligible users, or at least, those that haven’t used security keys yet. This 2SV method is safe as it asks you again especially if you are logged in on another device.

The change will begin on July 7. Don’t be surprised if you get asked on your devices. If you already use the security key, well and good. You can still use this method if you want. Just choose this during phone prompt verification steps.

On-device prompts (phone prompts) are definitely more secure compared to voice or text codes. 2-Step Verification has proven to be effective and safe because of additional security layers. No need to manually enter a code on another phone or device.

When you log in to your Google Account, Google will send a prompt to other devices you have. It will simply ask “Trying to sign in?”. You only need to tap the mobile device to confirm that it is you. (We’ve seen a similar thing on Facebook.)

Note that this 2-Step Verification feature will run by default. You can also disable it. Make sure you just require the use of security keys so your account and devices will still be safe and secure.


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