A long time ago, in a galaxy far away, a user reported a bug involving not being able to resolve a hostname on a local domain. Other users started coming forward with the same problem, but that seemed to be the end of it. Then, 2.5 years later, a Google employee announced that the next Android update will address the issue. That’s something to thankful for.

The problem is known as Issue 8030. This unsung bug is not an issue for most users. Still, just because the issue is not widespread, does not mean it’s not a tremendous annoyance for those who have the problem. The issue is explained by code.Google.com: “When connected on WiFi to a network which specifies a domain name, hostnames in that domain do not resolve without appending the domain to the hostname.”

Google has remained silent on the issue, but out of the blue, a Google employee jumped in the comment thread and addressed the problem. “The fix for this has gone in thanks to Kevin Tang. It will be available in the next major release,” said the employee. It’s a thanksgiving miracle!

Users were hit with a mix of relief and annoyance at how long it took to get the fix to happen. Either way, at least the fix is coming, and the Google employee even jumped in and explained the delay a little bit: “Guys, it was a matter of prioritization and resources. We don’t have people to put on every requested feature and we certainly were not idle during this time. I apologize it took so long. I can’t say what the next version will be (neither know it nor can discuss it) but it will be after 4.2, which has already gone out.”

[via SlashGear]