The original ASUS Zenwatch which first came out in 2014 is of course not the most current wearable from the OEM. So we’re not really surprised, and may actually be pleased, that several online stores, including the official one in the US, have brought a significant price drop to the 1st generation of their smartwatch. From the original price of $130, you can now get the Zenwatch for only $99, at least if you’re in the US.

So if you’re trying to get your first smartwatch and you’re not overly concerned with having the latest and most brightest version, then this is actually a pretty good buy. The 53mm smartwatch has a 1.63 inch display with a 320×320 resolution and protected by Corning Glass 3. It has 512MB RAM and 4GB internal storage and has an accelerometer for activity tracking. You could choose between a silver or a rose gold version. It’s a pretty decent smartwatch on its own.

But if you’re looking for the latest and more flashier version, you should probably look at the 2nd generation ASUS Zenwatch 2, which was released around October of last year. It is slightly smaller with a 45mm and a 49mm variant. The 45mm ZenWatch 2 is available in silver with a light aqua band while the 49mm model boasts of a gunmetal finish and a navy blue band. But of course the 2nd gen Zenwatch is still at its regular price at $170 and $190, which is in itself not that bad anymore.

The original ASUS Zenwatch can be bought for the discounted price of $99 from the official website and Best Buy. However the latter states that it’s still in back order with no specific date when it will be available. Other 3rd party retailers still have the original price of $130.

VIA: GSM Arena