If you have a large, or even just slightly large, family that shares digital things like Netflix passwords and such, sometimes it can be a hassle to manage all that. And it includes the fear of someone accidentally changing or deleting information. But what if you had an app that will not just manage everything for you but keep you secure as well. 1Password has been doing that for you personally, but now they want to do it for your family too with, what else, 1Password for Families.

The new service from your favorite secure password saver allows you to add up to five people in your family, and they don’t need to individually sign up for it. From an Admin Console, you can invite people and manage all the sharing settings among the five of you. Each member will have their own copy of 1Password and also their own personal space where they can actually save their private information. Plus, you all get all the 1Password apps as part of your package and you can switch between various platforms.

As part of their special launch sale, aside from getting a one month free trial, you get added treats if you sign up for 1Password for Families before March 21. $10 will be added to your account so that means you’ll get an extra 2 months free. You’ll also get 2GB worth of secure storage for your documents. And if you have a bigger family than 5, you can add two more members to your plan for free. The added storage and added members are permanent additions, but not the $10 for your account of course (that’s a one-time deal).

You can visit the 1Password for Families page for more details about this whole plan and to sign up already if you’re convinced. If you’re already using 1Password for Teams, you can switch to the Families package and you’ll still enjoy the early adaptor perks outlined above.