Data being compromised could be the death of you. We don’t know what things are saved on your computer or mobile devices but make sure they are kept safe and hidden all the time. We don’t want your essentials and your whole life being leaked out there so like most tech companies we know, it is ideal that you take care of everything from your files to cookies to passwords.

AgileBits recommends that you leave your work information whenever you are traveling. It’s now easier to keep passwords with 1Password and with the addition of Travel Mode, you can be assured that your data are protected all the time. With your 1Password membership, you can take advantage of this feature that prevents unwarranted searches.

The idea is that 1Password will remove every vault from your mobile device. A “safe for travel” mark means it is safe. Ideally, you should sign out 1Password accounts on all devices. To make things accessible, only one vault can be opened for the items you want to access. It is up to you what stuff or passwords you want to turn on. Travel Mode must also be enabled always so you can view what new tourist spots can be visited.

SOURCE: Agile Bits