The popular iOS and Mac app 1Password 4 is coming to Android. Currently in beta testing, the AgileBits team is gearing up to bring the latest installment to Android, having left us in the lurch since 1Password Reader in early 2012. That one was a bit behind iOS, but the latest installment should be a marked improvement.

The 1Password team currently has a beta sign-up page for Android, hoping to use feedback to make it just what Android fans are looking for. They ran the same type of beta test for the Mac version of 1Password, and it offers the same great experience users of the iOS version have enjoyed.

This comes with an interesting footnote, though. While the original 1Password Reader was free for Android, the current version for iOS is $17.99. On the Mac, it’s a staggering $49.99. The 1Password franchise has a lot to offer, such as the choice of which sign-in info you want to use at a given point, but Android fans may no be concerned with that.

Chrome autofill has come a long way, and is very secure. Apps like LastPass cover both Android and Chrome, and do so free of charge. Users can also do something as simple as set up a spreadsheet with all their passwords on Drive, and make that available offline to avoid any issues with connectivity.

We think 1Password is great, but we’re not sure it will trump anything we see on Android. The benefit is that, with a presence on Android, 1Password would be the only native app spanning all platforms Apple and google have to offer, making OS agnostics everywhere happy.