1942 Pacific Front

This new game 1942 Pacific Front is something I’ve long been waiting for to come to Android. It’s a childhood favorite of mine right on the Nintendo Family Computer. In fact, I saw the game 1941 being played on an arcade game just a couples of weeks ago. And now it’s here on Android…finally. Now called as 1942 Pacific Front, this game is a continuation of the old game. Of course, we can expert a better gameplay, visuals, effects, and harder challenges.

The game is all about naval warfare. Player gets to join the navy and fight. Try to win the battle by sending soldiers to the frontline and owning the battlefield. They say it’s the best military combat strategy game and being a fan of the game, this could easily be a favorite if we’re talking about classic games having a modern adaptation like this one.

Defeat the enemy by using your command. Plan your tactics well as you lead the navy. If you want, you can even command Japanese forces on their mission. Prove yourself that you can be a good commander. Make use of all the submarines, battleships, warplanes, artillery, tanks, infantry, and whatever that will help you win the battle.

When you’re done and have won the war, you’ll earn your stripes as a Pacific Front commander. You won’t go wrong with this game because weapons are really powerful. Torpedos, bombs, and bomber wings are just some of the many artillery you can use in this World War 2-based strategy action game.

1942 Pacific Front is free for download and play but in-app purchases are available. Feel free to deactivate this setting if you think you’d be tempted to buy more artillery.

Download 1942 Pacific Front from the Google Play Store