Droid commercials for Verizon Wireless are known for their visual appeal. Featuring the well known “sphere of apps” giving a high tech visual approach to the Android Market. The well known spheres make another cameo, this time in a commercial featuring the Droid X and Droid 2.

The ad, featuring Lookout Mobile Security, show of some of the features the popular application offers. For the unfamiliar with the full featured security app it offers up many features, some including:

  • Security
    • Protect yourself from mobile viruses and malware. Stop hackers in their tracks. Get free mobile secuirty that is fast, efficient and run silently in the background.
  • Data Backup
    • Back up your contacts and photos. You can access your data from anywhere, and transfer previous data to a new handset.
  • Missing Device
    • Never lose your mobile device again. Locate your lost device on a map from the web. If you can’t find it, you can “scream” making your phone erase everything.

For more information on Lookout Mobile Security, check out their website.