Google has issued an update for the unlocked version of the Android phone. The version is specifically made for developers.

Several bug fixes for issues that involve the alarm clock, device sleep, POP3 (Post Office Protocol version 3) email, and email notification are among the updates. Added to this includes the ability to save MMS attachments and voice search. As for matters of accessibility to applications, Google will only block those applications, regardless of whether they are free or paid, that use Google’s copy protection. Different from the consumer version which allows users to copy applications which are sold exclusively through T-Mobile’s Network. With this however, Google is blocking access to all copy protected applications, even for copy protected applications on the open device.

Dan Morrill, Developer Advocate for Android says “many developers are concerned about the unauthorized redistribution of their applications, developer phones like the ADP1 allow for unrestricted access to the device’s contents, making it impossible to enforce copy protection. If you choose to add copy protection when you upload your application to the Android Market, then you won’t be able to test it on the ADP1’s Android market client.”

[via CNET]