It’s not uncommon for video games to debut on one platform or another and then take a while before they come to other devices. At times these games debut on Android and later go to iOS, and it can happen the other way around as well. One interesting game that debuted on iOS devices a while back is called 10000000.

That is a bizarre name for an interesting little game that combines the mechanics of a match three game with dungeon crawling action to produce a unique game. The game has been very popular on the iPhone and other Apple gadgets and Android users will finally get their chance to download and play the game on March 14.

March 14 is tomorrow for those who aren’t keeping up with the calendar. The graphics of the game remind me a lot of something I would’ve played on my Atari growing up. That’s not necessarily a bad thing if you’re into retro games, but if you grab this game expecting slick, pretty graphics you may be a little disappointed.

The game character runs across the top of the screen competing against the clock as you work your way through different obstacles that find their way into your path. Below the section of the screen where the Indiana Jones look-alike is running, there is a section of tiles where you match three or more to eliminate rows. You will run across treasure chests and locked doors requiring you to match up specific tiles to progress further in the level.