Android’s climb in the market place doesn’t just translate into the number of devices sold, or the number of handsets being manufactured or released. One big indicator of how well Android is doing, is the number of applications tucked away inside that glorious Android Market. It’s been only a couple of weeks since Andy Rubin stood on a stage, or sat to be more accurate, and told everyone who cared that Android had over 65,000 applications available to download. Now, nearing the end of July, that number looks to be changing drastically.

According to a new report from AndroLib, who gathers market numbers from the Market itself on a regular basis, it looks like the number of both paid and free apps is about to climb over the 100,000 marker. Due to trends, over the past few months there’s been about 14,000 applications submitted to the Market every month, and considering that the Market is sitting comfortably at 92,000 apps (based on their results), then passing that huge milestone won’t be hard at all by the end of July. Good news for all of us who love downloading them, so let’s just keep ’em coming, shall we?

[via MobileSyrup]