Samsung Galaxy S10 VS Nokia 3310 Drop Test

We’ve never forgotten about the Samsung Galaxy S10. It’s one of the most durable phones we know especially after the Durability Test conducted by Zack Nelson. For similar rough tests, we usually depend on JerryRigEverything for he follows a system that checks the quality and highest potential of a new phone. A rugged test isn’t really needed to prove further if the Galaxy S10 phone is truly well-designed and well-constructed. We believe it is so but a drop test from a significant height might be fun.

Russian tech YouTuber Rozetked has done a crazy project of dropping both the Samsung Galaxy S10 ceramic version and the classic Nokia 3310. Before he dropped the two phones using a drone, he first performed scratch tests on the Galaxy S10 using a key and razor. The result? Obviously, just minor scratches.

But what happens when you drop the smartphones from a height of 100 meters? Watch the video below:

Our guy dropped the Nokia 3310 first. He chose the phone because it’s been tried and tested to be one tough product. Nokia has always been known for durability but dropping it from a height of 100 meters is new. Unfortunately, the phone’s screen didn’t survive. The phone still works though so it’s all good.

Samsung Galaxy S10 Drop Test

As for the Samsung Galaxy S10, Rozetked dropped the phone using a drone from the same height. The first drop was actually a success because the device landed on the concrete. The phone survived with only a few scratches.

One part of the video contained footage of the phone falling as the video was on. We see dents on the bottom and a crack at the back panel. The front screen is a bit damaged but the fingerprint sensor still works. We see a white line that flashes when turning on/off the phone but generally, the phone still works.


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