A 10-year-old girl going by her chosen Hacker name CyFi has shown off an exploit at Defcon for Kids that allows the user to exploit a security flaw in Android and iOS gaming apps. Apparently, the girl found the hack when she got bored waiting for crops to get ripe in her farming games. Her hack allows you to change the clock settings on your phone to advance time.

The hack isn’t something nefarious unless you count cheating in your games as nefarious. The hack involves more than just changing the clock settings. Game devs long ago blocked that simple cheat. The tiny hacker won’t give up the full details on how she exploits the system.

She is giving game devs time to patch the flaw before offering the details. However, her hack has been independently verified to work. It’s nice to see that some little hackers like to give devs the chance to fix flaws rather than just teaching anyone how to take advantage. The hack apparently works on both Android and the iPhone.

[via PCWorld]