In case you hadn’t noticed, Samsung is big. Really big. And nowhere is that more evident than on its home turf in South Korea, where the company is a source of national pride. Not without reason, either: Samsung says that its 2011 workhorse smartphone the Galaxy S II has sold five million units in the country of 48.9 million people. In case your math’s a little fuzzy, that means that just over ten percent of all men, women and children in South Korea carry a Galaxy S II.

And why not? The GSII is indisputably one of the best Android smartphones to come along in the last year, and combined with the original Galaxy S it’s sold a whopping 30 million units worldwide as of October 2011. Considering that a huge chunk of that must be from South Korea alone, it’s safe to say that the Galaxy flagship line is doing very well indeed. Expanding your outlook to all of Samsung’s mobile sales (including “dumb” phones and non-Android smartphones) Samsung sold an eye-popping 28 million phones between July and September of last year, making them the largest phone manufacturer by volume in the world.

So what’s next for the Galaxy S line? Aside from the various Galaxy S II variants like the HD, X, LTE and others, the Galaxy S III is expected to be announced at Mobile World Congress next month. While no official details have been announced, a faster processor, more RAM, and a 720p Super AMOLED screen (to match the Galaxy Nexus) are pretty safe bets. Samsung has promised an Ice Cream Sandwich update for current Galaxy S II owners, and betas are already starting to leak.

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[via SammyHub]