When you think “Olivetti,” do you think tablets? Probably not. Probably, if you know what Olivetti is, you’re thinking typewriters and calculators. Now they’re dipping their ol’ surefire claws into the tablet world and that world is about to be waiting on their hands to see what they’ve got to offer. 10-inches of touchscreen goodness running on some version of Android or another for right around $400. Will it float?

Olivetti is Italian and is currently owned by Telecom Italia. They’ve almost been bankrupt at least once, but their long-lasting company that’s been around long enough to manufacture typewriters might still instill enough confidence in them to create some sweet sort of pad. This tablet, they say, will be aimed directly at those who work with or in small or medium-sized enterprises. This tablet will have a major focus being put on apps that’ll help those aiming to communicate within their own company specifically, with fun features being planned like a digital catalog for the fashion market.

What we’ve got so far on the tablet as far as specifications go is limited: it’s going to have a 10-inch touchscreen display, work with integrated Wifi, cellular connections, and the price is going to be around $400. Release date unknown, Android version unknown, user interface modifications (if any) unknown.

More soon! We hope.

[Via SlashGear]