Google’s 10 Billion App celebration is in full swing, and one Reddit user has found most of the second day’s promotional apps already. In addition to apps from yesterday like Minecraft, Asphalt 6 and SwiftKey X, a new crop of apps for the second day includes favorites like Fruit Ninja, Reckless Racing, and Beautiful Widgets for just 10¢. The apps are already at their discounted prices, though they aren’t showing up on the promotional banner yet.

Today’s full list of apps include: Flick Golf, Reckless Racing, AirSync by doubleTwist, Read It Later Pro, Beautiful Widgets, Christmas HD, Fruit Ninja, Star Chart and NFL Rivals. There may be more revealed later today. At this price there’s hardly any reason not to get them all, but Reckless Racing, AirSync, Read It Later, Beautiful Widgets and NFL Rivals are definitely crowd-pleasers. All these apps should stay at their 10¢ price ( £.10 for UK users) for at least twenty-four hours.

Google has ten days of deals lined up to celebrate 10 billion Android Market downloads, so there’s eight more bundles of discounted apps to look forward to. At least one will include ADWLauncher EX, currently $3.32. You’ll definitely want to buy it when the price drops, since the latest update brings the interface and back end in line with Ice Cream Sandwich.

Update: The promo site has been updated with today’s deals. You can see them all here, including one that Reddit didn’t spot: Berenstain Bears Bedtime Battle. No comment.

What apps do you want to see discounted over the next eight days? Let us know in the comments section.