This will be the first MID in a series of products from 1 Cross. It’s Android based and is a mix between an e-reader and a tablet. 1 Cross will name this hybrid the ShuBook which is Chinese for book. When closed it looks like a traditional book, open it up and you will reveal dual screens. One e-reader and a smaller screen with a built in qwerty keyboard.

This also made an appearance at this years CeBit. It provides many different functions including mobile phone technology, Internet browsing, office usage, documents and e-book reading. Also, it combines a 7″ LCD touchscreen, QWERTY keypad, and can also hand write notes.

More Specs:

– Andriod based software
– e-ink, resolution 600 x 800, 6″
– TFT, resolution 480 x 320, 3.2″
– 7″ touchscreen covered LCD
– wide and large QWERT + number and symbol keypad
– Dedicated Internet control keys
– Dedicate eBook function keys
– Camera
– GPS, Optional
– Micro SD
– Micro USB
– Bluetooth
– WiFi
– Motion detect sensor
– 3G, optional

UPDATE: New pictures and a video from frandroid.


[via 1 cross]


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