Zynga launches free Hanging With Friends Game for Android

September 21, 2011

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Zynga makes some of the best game apps out there and the company has announced a new free offering that you can get on the Android Market right now called Hanging With Friends. The app is a social game twist on the traditional Hangman game that we have all played at one point. The game play has friends taking turns to create and guess words to stump other players.

The app allows the player to choose an avatar and then join in the game to see who can hang on longest. Rather than a noose, the game has the avatars with balloons in their hands. To survive to the next round the player has to guess properly and avoid losing all their balloons.

There are also strategic lifelines to help and other crucial hints in the game. There are also instant replays that let players study how the others play. The game is cross platform allowing Android users to play with iOS users. They can find other players using their existing With Friends account and use Facebook.

[via Zynga]

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  • Anonymous


  • I haven’t played Hanging with Friends but I usually play Words With Friends because its much more fun and most of my friends played the game. I just got the words with friends on my phone, so much fun. I used ANAGRAMMER, to give me a little hint here and there in times of trouble.

  • pickles

    Hanging with friends is super awesome

  • Is there an ad free version I can buy?