We’ve talked about this before and heard rumors that Verizon is planning to release shared data plans for smartphones and tablets. More important shared family data plans so customers can pay one fee regarding data for the entire family and all of their devices. Latest reports suggested a mid-2012 release of such plans but this screenshots leads us to believe they are coming sooner than expected.

According to a leaked screenshot from PhoneArena Verizon is close to launching the service and will have a shared family data plan calculator for users and more. The plan of shared data has been discussed in the past last year, and even confirmed a few times but this is making it all look legit, and on the way in the next month or so. I like seeing the bar go to 30GB and beyond. Especially with larger HD screens and 4G LTE speeds sucking data.

The picture above matches some of Verizon’s current calculators although is obviously geared towards shared family data plans. It will help users and family select the right plan to fit their needs. No pricing or other details were tipped but we can assure you this is coming — it’s just a matter of when. Things are looking near the final stages at Verizon and hopefully they have good rates, and some incentives such as hardware discounts to make us sign on to the plan.

  • Phone_Junkie

    Here’s to hoping AT&T has some great shared plans, and reasonably priced as well.

  • I have been saying that throttling data plans was going to have to be rethought. It is good to see someone is willing to step up and benchmark a new usage plan instead of flipping a switch on customers who were used to unlimited usage.

  • Thelindseyzjunk
  • Crazygirl

    Dose anybody know when they r going to have the new data plain yet If so I would like to know when! Plz and thank you

  • Jimg50

    well now we mine as well move to a carrier that has unlimited data. i am an employee of verizon that is retired. anyone that has been with them like me for over 20 years and gets there unlimited data removed should go elsewhere. verizon thinks they are the king of cellular. boy are they wrong. they are coming up with one thing after the other to give it to their customers. if i wait 2 years to get a 300 dollar new phone why should i pay 330 for it to upgrade when the phones price is 300. verizon makes 160 dollars a month from me with unlimited data. isn’t that enough. i guess not they need to bleed 30 dollars for a new phone.  well to hell with big red. other carriers do not have faulty 4g lte and work better. and they are cheeper. verizons ceo  will be gone in a year or less with this move. the only thing keeping me and others with them is my unlimited data. take that away and good bye big red