Reports have it that Best Buy Stores have taken stock of Motorola Droid Pro and Droid 2 Global off the shelves due to a product recall, but Verizon says that’s simply not true. Spokesperson Brenda Raney of Verizon says the following: “We can’t speak for Best Buy — but both the Droid Pro or the Droid 2 Global are popular sellers. How they manage their inventory is their business but there are no recalls on those devices.”

Several Best Buy locations have indeed been reported to have taken the phones from the shelves today, but the true reason remains unknown. These phones appear to still be on the shelves at all other stores and locations.

[Via PhoneScoop]

  • danny0wnzj00

    best buy was sent an immediate stop-sale of those phones because they had violated their agreement on the sale price, undercutting verizon thus affecting the carrier’s own sales numbers. they were letting people walk away w/ the phone for ~$50 if they signed a 2-year contract. damn. i just got mine 4 days ago. wished i had bought mine there. =/

  • Dennis

    I Got a Droid pro for Christmas and i like it!. And we got it for free with an upgrade.

  • David Powell

    all of the people that i know of that use the motorola droid 2 global have the same MAJOR problems. They should be recalled and stopped being sold. They are really JUNK!!!

  • linfroe

    i have had the droid for almost 2 months now and have had numerous problems with freezing up and shutting down. should be looked into and consider a recall…

  • I have had my droid since March and it is the worse phone I have gotten. It dies on me in the middle of taking a photo, the battery dies way to early for only being 5 months old. I can’t stand the phone options. And half the time I use it (like the last comment) it shuts down on me with out any promptings that the battery is low. I end up taking the battery out and putting it back in (rebooting) and it works fine.
    So I was really hoping there was a recall on this phone.