Woopsie! Looks like a graphic designer working with Verizon is about to have their wrist slapped as they’ve got a Motorola Droid X ad up promoting Google Maps voice guided feature – but with the wrong image on the screen. Take a close look and note that the nearby BlackBerry Storm2 is, indeed, running the correct version of Slacker radio.

Does this give a clue about Verizon’s future with iPhone? I really really really doubt it. Doesn’t mean it wont happen, but more than likely this was just a tiny mis-step.

[Via Electronista]

  • Erik

    The image you’re showing has the normal Android maps now.

  • Mike

    That’s interesting that they changed it after all the commotion over it. Maybe it really is a clue.

  • Mike

    Or maybe someone just got fired for being a dumbass.

  • Emil Ghoting

    Sounds like someone got lazy at photoshop