Verizon killing off “grandfathered” unlimited data plans this summer

May 16, 2012

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Bad news today for those that have been longtime customers of Verizon Wireless. I'm getting ready for the backlash now, and I bet Verizon is too. Today the news has just dropped that Verizon will be axing data plans for those using unlimited data on old "grandfathered" plans from back before 4G LTE and all that. If you've been enjoying unlimited data for $30 a month like many others, this will be coming to an end this summer.

Verizon will be yanking those unlimited plans from your grip, and your smartphones later this year in favor of shared and tiered data plans. These original 3G unlimited data plans for $30 are currently being used by tons of people (including a few of us here) so this is extremely bad news. Most customers with this plan are long-time users of Verizon Wireless. This will undoubtedly make a few people extremely unhappy.

While we've reached out to Verizon for clarification, according to CFO Fran Shammo users that upgrade to 4G LTE devices will not be allowed to bring over their grandfathered data plans, and will be required to sign a new 4G LTE shared data plan from Verizon. If we understand this right 3G customers won't be effected. If you get a new 4G LTE capable phone you'll lose the plan, and can't just choose to rely on 3G only.

Shared data plans will be taking over. We've mentioned these before and they will be a great move for Verizon customers, but losing those grandfathered plans at the same time is sad to hear. Being able to pay one price for my phone and tablet's 4G LTE data would be nice, and same applies for family plans. This is one more confirmation that Verizon will be pushing shared data plans hard later this year, although grandfathered plans will be withering away at the same time.


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  • “users that upgrade to 4G LTE devices will not be allowed to bring over their grandfathered data plans”

    Does this mean it only affects customers that are upgrading from 3G to 4G this coming summer? or Is it also going to affect customers that have already upgraded to a 4G and are currently on an Unlimited Grandfathered data plan?

    • Arrow Ray

      I dump all my Verizon phones. Verizon you make a deal keep your word. Or I’m leaving greedy son of a #%*;#. Eat poop. I took the unlimited data, I don’t have a computer at home. I hope the board members lose there shirts on this one. Heads will role. Hope they do more rich boys screwing the small guy.

    • Ackwms

      I am heading over there right now to ask that? If unlimited is good until the end of you contract, I don’t really see anything wrong with them doing this ( not going to be a popular statement, I know)? It is capitalism and we have a choice once our contract is up. If they change mid contract and we are not given the option to get out, that is when we look into action. Will keep you posted

    • Ackwms

      Just left the Verizon store and as long as you stay on your current contract (I.e. month to month after your contract is up) you will stay on unlimited. If you want a new phone and an unlimited data plan , you can go today and you will get a new unlimited contract with a new phone at the promotion rate. If you want a new phone, after they implement the new pricing tiers, you either pay full price for the phone and keep your unlimited plan or go tiered/shared and get the promotional rate for the new phone. I hope this helps

      • ccowin

        Thank you!

      • Namic

        Yeah they are changing your plan if you get a new 4G LTE phone when your contract is up and you extend the contract buy buying a upgrade discount priced phone. Doing that will force you into a shared data plan state
        The only way to keep unlimited data is to buy a phone at the full price(600-800 dollars) that way you are not making the trade for the discount in a new phone for your unlimited data!!.

        do not go for a upgrade phone discount thru Verizon!! buy your phone at full price if you want to keep your data plan people!!!
        sorry to say but all the pre-orders of the gs3 will lose their unlimited data!!
        i just got off the phone with them!!!


  • Smokedawg65

    This Is TOTAL B.S. These wireless companies just keep coming up with ways to show us that all the profits they make everyday off of us consumers means nothing to them. I only have one word to say to them….GREED!!!

    • Ackwms

      Since when is making a profit greedy. As long as it only applies to new contracts or renewals they should be able to price it however they want. We have the right to find a new provider and if enough customers do that, I guarantee they will lower the price. Free market

  • Anthony

    July is my renewal time, yeah!!!! Some how, unless there is a compelling reason to stay, verizon can kiss my @##$%!!!!!

    • Ackwms

      Just left the Verizon store and as long as you stay on your current contract (I.e. month to month after your contract is up) you will stay on unlimited. If you want a new phone and an unlimited data plan , you can go today and you will get a new unlimited contract with a new phone at the promotion rate. If you want a new phone, after they implement the new pricing tiers, you either pay full price for the phone and keep your unlimited plan or go tiered/shared and get the promotional rate for the new phone. I hope this helps

  • PFS78

    I might have missed this in the article but are they killing it for everyone during the summer or will they force you out at your next contract date ?

  • wait a second, what happens to people that already grandfathered in their unlimited data and upgraded to 4G?? do we lose our unlimited data plan too???

  • Jeff

    Who needs a new phone? If i stick to my 3G only DINC, what is going to happen?

  • I’m wondering the same thing about those already with 4G phones on unlimited grandfathered data plans.  I wonder what they will be offering us who already have this? And I also wonder how much sooner that the other carriers will follow…

  • CentralMA

    We live in a free capitalistic system where companies can be as arrogant and greedy as they want. Just look at Apple with over $100B in the bank and paying less than 10% in federal tax. (yes, I know, the tax laws allow them to take advantage of the American tax payer). I suspect that many long time Verizon customers have stayed Verizon customers because they have the ‘Grandfathered’ Unlimited Data Plan. If it goes away, so does the potential ‘hook’ which maintains them a ‘loyal’ customer.  At that point, customers are free to make new choices. These guys at Verizon get up every morning and put their underwear on like everyone else and they make mistakes; like the $2 fee for using credit cards. Another great example of corporate hubris and greed is NetFlix. They lost a lot of customers and market momentum when they decided to split the streaming and DVD rentals. Customers actually had choices and spoke by dropping the service, which crashed their stock. I suspect Verizon has run the numbers of ‘grandfathered’ customers with a prediction of how many will leave and the impact is less than many might think. .

    • Hellhunter

      The problem with celluar service is that in some places you don’t really “have” a choice. Where I am VzW has hands down the best coverage. AT&T is spotty, TMobile has barely any coverage and Sprint is ok, but still too spotty over VzW.

      • Ackwms

        They have the best service, because they spend a lot on there R&D. You do have a choice. You can pay less and go to spottier service. Verizon pays for the towers, etc. to keep there service the best. What good is unlimited data, if you can’t get on the network.

    • AnCapMike

      “We live in a free capitalistic system…” Stopped reading right there. You obviously have no clue what that means besides what you’ve seen on MSNBC.

  • VictorBrown

    I see this as the possible rise of the unsubsidized/BYOD market.
    If the change only happens when you sign a new contract and you only sign a
    new contract when you want to get a subsidized phone… buying a subsidized
    phone doesn’t make as much sense anymore if it winds up being more expensive
    from a data aspect.

  • I upgraded my contract last month and got my 4g phone and was grandfathered in with data…if I switch back to my old 3G phone now I wonder if I will be able to keep my unlimited…I would rather lose the 4G then my unlimited data on 3G..hope they clarify this and soon

  • Hellhunter

    Well I guess its a good thing Verizon sells lots of 3G smartphones still…oh wait…no they don’t.

    • Thnt

      The only 3g phone I would get is the iPhone, every other phone with 3g is either with a 1ghz processor(besides the Droid 3) or won’t get ics(Droid 3), or is an Android version of a feature phone, or is another phone os. 

  • Jphanes24

    Verozon can suck my freshly shaved BALLLLLLLZ BITCH! I’ll go else where since they have nothing but “DROID” and Apple phones. I dont care for the other carriers, but they have a better selection than Verizon…. at least as of now. Been disappointed way too much with Verizon lately to stick with them.

  • if I read this correctly, “if you upgrade your 3G phone this summer to a 4G phone, you can’t take your unlimited data plan with you”.   What if you’re already and owner of a 4G phone and you’re on unlimited?  Are you forced to go to a tiered plan this summer or are you good until your contract is up?  Inquiring minds want to know..

    •  Appears they’ll be changing your plan over for you.. but not sure yet. ewww i know!

  • Major_Pita

    Going to bail on VZW if this happens. I’ve been a voice customer since they were Primeco and a data customer since 2007. Honestly I’m so fed with with problems relating to ICS, LTE and quad core combined with all of the carrier crapware/ICS delays that I’m ready to jump to GSM. Even if service takes a hit. Maybe Google Nexus straight from the ‘horse’s mouth’…

  • Oather

    Nice that we have NO power to change our plans when we want without a new 2 year contract, but they can force you to change your data plans in the middle of a contract?! I know they’ll use legal-ese to get around it (we don’t have that data plan any more, since we changed the name of it from 3G to 4G, even though it’s the exact same data plan you’re using right now)

    • Thnt

      how can you not change your plans? 

  • Mgwest949

    Why is it that EVERY SINGLE bit of news involving policy coming out of Verizon in the last two years has involved fucking over their customers?

  • bullshit

  • Deblentz

    Sounds like it is time to go network shopping for me. I have been loyal to Verizon for years because of the plans, but if they are going to change my contract in the middle because they *can*, they do not deserve my loyalty any more.

    That being said, who does actually deserve it in the cell phone business?

    • Cityfox

       you might try CREDO. don’t go to at&t. I cannot believe how bad they are.,

  • The People

    Class Action Lawsuit.

  • John

    Looks like a NET profit of $3.26 BILLION dollars is not enough.

  • David

    Hmmm.  I bought my first smartphone with VZW and settled for the Charge to get in on the 4G LTE Unlimited plan the day before they pulled it.  I am not very happy with the phone and would be even less happy if they take the unlimited plan away.  I smell a stinky situation coming my way from the “good” folks over at VZW.

  • Ren Henderson

    I’ve been a Verizon customer for years, and much prefer them over other cell phone companies I’ve tried because I often travel to rural areas where even the other big companies don’t have coverage.  And this really really SUCKS!!!

  • I have been a dedicated verizon customer for a long time. But I guess not for much longer. Time to start looking!

  • ‎”Verizon will be yanking those unlimited plans from the grip” of long time customers and I guess I will be yanking my business from Verizon’s 20+ year grip (even before they were Verizon.)

  • Th3br3vig

    How is this fair at all? It’s getting to the point where almost all new phones have 4G and you can’t avoid this. I live in Southern Maryland and the closest 4G hot-spot is at least 3 hours away! They need to allow us whether to activate 4G on the phones or to keep our unlimited 3G!

  • Dalemac81

    The funny thing is that I switched to a 4G phone and I actually wait longer for me data to come through to my phone than I did with 3G even when I have full bars.  Not only that but the coverage for 4G sucks and you have to take the time to manually switch back to 3G when the coverage is bad, which it is pretty much everywhere except in the verizon store.

  • Zachary Morris

    What if I already have my 4G phone and plan?

  • oneofthenewguys

    I have been skimming through the posts and it appears the “grandfathered” people only care about themselves. They are upset that they will losing unlimited data for $30.00 a month when new customers pay that for 2-4Gb depending on what phone they have. I realize this isn’t a poular opinion but I can’t help but think the rest of us are paying for there unlimited plans. That doesn’t seem to bother them. I personaly am glad to see it go.

    • Lblacklol

      What kind of b.s. sense does that make? Just because you can’t have it doesn’t mean anyone else should? Do you really think if us unlimited customers go away it’ll positively affect you at all? No chance. Yeah we’re upset we are losing our unlimited data but the reason is because our contracts are getting changed forcefully. I’m sorry but you chose to sign up for that expense and knew what you were getting. We signed up for something different and now its getting pulled out from under us, legal disclaimers or not.

      • Alwaysapowell

        And just how is your contract changing? If anyone researched they would know that “UPON” a new phone upgrade, which entails a new contract agreement. There is no force used.

      • Lolsuckers

        its the plan and the minutes you get now compared to the new shitty plans where you pay more and get less 

      • Dave

        Wrong, my speeds will go up when all the hogs leave.  FACT there is NO unlimited bandwidth, go to Sprint and see for yourself.  Go to T-Mobile, what in the boonies your phone won’t work at 4G or 3G….  I lost my Sprint early upgrade and paid them to leave a few months early.

      • Pearlmcm1

        I was also a Sprint customer and took the ETF hit on 2 phones to switch to Verizon. You got it right Dude. Cheers. It’s nice to see I’m not alone.

    • Wil

      Shut up!!!!!

    • So you are happy to see it go because you can’t take advantage of it?  Sounds like you only care about yourself.

  • Jasoffer

    not sure they can do this for people with established contracts… isn’t it a breach of contract?  I am sure they can stop grandfathering for new contracts, but I would argue that if they change the contract, people should be able to break/sever their agreement without the penalty for leaving. I know several people who only upgraded to 4g because they were told they could grandfather their older contract in.  I’d swich to sprint or another company with unlimited data.

    • Cityfox

       If they change your contract, you can cancel the contract and go with someone else.I was just reading about it because I hate AT&T.  don’t change to at&t. they are the absolute worse.

      • What is so wrong with AT&T? Their unlimited plans that were grandfathered in are staying. that’s a +1 in my book. And to all you Verizon fans I’m sorry for your loss, but i sincerely hope Verizon loses their ass in this deal. I can’t stand their jackassery, bottom 5 in the shitty company list.

      • Clint

        AT&T is throttled.

      • Dude, I have a 30.00 a month family unlimited data plan with cingular, AT&T now, that covers 3 devices (10.00 add for the 2nd additional device) so that is 40.00 total a month for unlimited LTE data on three devices. I pay cash for my devices on Amazon & I get a 15% corporate discount on my entire AT&T bill. I live near Dallas, one of their first LTE spots, and I get great reception throughout the DFW area including some of the remote rural areas & I have never been throttled hitting an all time data high this month of 10.2Gb. Maybe the caps are viewed differently with the old family data plans, but AT&T sure works for me. I buy a new device every year or less (have a One X & S3 now) & then the kid or missus get the hand-me-down of an HTC Vivid & the S3. I’ll gladly pay 600 a year for a new device, because that saves me about 1400 a year on my plan with the discount & the lower legacy cost plan. Just do a little research & decide what you want. Straight Talk & MetroPCS are building out LTE services i many areas, so there are choices.

      • Mz. Peach

        AT&T they are a joke!!! My neighbor walks up and down the street trying to get a signal…….LMAO…..

    • Eddie

      We just had that happen. Were told we could get new Iphone 5 for one line and then add the phone to another one of our numbers without changing the data plan. Alas it didn’t happen that way because some one at Verizon made a mistake. Now they won’t go back and change it. they say can’t, i say won’t! Anyone else have that happen to them?

  • Anonymous user

    This was bound to happen. Yes, unlimited data is very nice, but do we really want Verizon to end up like Sprint with unlimitedly slow data? Bandwidth is spread thin folks. Sorry, but Verizon is smart in the long run for this since unlimited data is not sustainable since most of the internet now is accessed from mobile devices

    • Guest

      Keeping unlimited will force Verizon to update/upgrade their network…now they won’t have to while taking more of our money.  If so, what if us unlimited customers, don’t buy subsidized phones anymore, i’d rather pay the $500-700 and be able to keep my unlimited plan, than switch to cap…and if cap, at least put the cap at 50-100GB.  2GB goes by in an hr or less…Verizon, this is BS and you know it, you greedy bastards

      • Guest

        Everyone go on Verizon Wireless facebook page and bitch at them pls…i did already

      • Alwaysapowell

        If you are using 2GB in an hour or less, you would be reason Verizonwireless is considering that UPON a new contract renewal, the removal of the unlimited data plan. I am using under 3GB per month and I’m constantly using my device. What i do not do is online gaming or a large amount of downloading movies or streaming. If you are using what is implied, my i suggest an unlimited home service to stay within reasonable usage. Until Verizon makes a public statement i will not start freaking out. I would guess that anyone already concerned have no idea what their average monthly usage is. In the industry it is great to see “unlimited” however if you research you will find that under 94 percent of users ( this includes business ) do not use over 2GB.

      • Lolsuckers

        your missing the big picture i have a grandfathered plan on my 4g bionic i get as of now 1000 min unlimited nights and weekends free long dist. mobile to mobile 250 texts for 39.99 and data for 23.99 thru my job discount i kiss that 1000 min for 39.99 goodbye if they force me into their bs plans there is no plan out there that beats the minutes and extras i get now go ahead and look i have thats why i havent jumped ship until now it looks like

      • s1mpd1ddy

         i dont download movies, i stream music once in a while, i do stream youtube on occasion.

        i’m at 4 gigs, with 1 week left on my billing cycle. this is with me TRYING not to go over my datacap before I get throttled (ATT)

        So… i dont think you use your phone constantly.

      • Guest

        I used up ~40GB in 3 weeks streaming video off my phone…this is BS. that’s why us unlimited customers purchased UNLIMITED in the 1st place.  This is just corporate greed…remember the CFO says it’s a benefit to them (verizon) not us, the consumers.  it just an excuse to make more $$ instead of updating/upgrading their network.  So when Verizon says i’m one of the 5% who takes “advantage” of my unlimited, it’s more like Verizon is taking advantage of their customers.

      • Dave

        Sounds like you are the Bandwidth Greedy to me.  Lice within your means, you want unlimited at such a low cost and want it everywhere, get Real.   Pay for it like new customers, or go to unlimited slow Sprint. –New 2 month Verizon 4G/mo. 4GLTE on Droid RAZR Maxx  —Former Sprint customer

      • Guest

        uuhhh…like i said, that’s why i purchased unlimited…how am i bandwidth greedy?  Dave, looks like you just mad, cuz you didn’t get in on the game…LOL

  • MatrixNeo

    Sprint here I come!

  • how about from palm pre plus 3g unlimited to droid bionic 4g lte unlimited already? ie i have unlim 4g… been a verizon/bell customer over 15 years and if they try to alter my existing plan in favor of their garbage they can have their voidable contract and get the eff out of my house ( fios ) and life

  • buchananadamm

    Seriously Verizon? Fuck You.

  • Looks like I may go back to my ancient phones that do not need any data package. I can live without it.

  • Floridarocks01

    This is why people need to move to companies like Metro PCS. One price for unlimited service for everything! Verizon is no different then the oil companies! screw the pepole and make more profits!

  • Jsksmokin12

    I have a 4g phone with unlimited data will I lose that

  • truthtruth

    I just called. They’re not doing this.

    Great article!

  • Dunno

    Just called who..?

  • WhoCares?!

    Blah, all you ppl bitching about them taking away “grandfathered” unlimited data need to get a life. WTF do you do on your phone? EVERYTHING? I’m “grandfathered” in for unlimited 3G data, and that shit has been slow ever since VZ started rolling out 4G LTE. It wasn’t so bad when they only had test markets, but I really don’t need my smartphone for anything besides checking email while I’m at work (because we all know those asshats IT guys can track the sites you visit – HI ASSHOLES) and the occasional Pandora streaming, which has been sucking as of late. I barely used 2GBs even before all this, so I don’t blame VZ for being smart & greedy about getting rid of grandfathered unlimited data plans.

    • s1mpd1ddy

       so it looks like your overpaying for your unlimited data plan then?

    • Kenharlantx

      You need to stfu. I live within city limits but can’t get dsl or cable so m internet opens are limited. I also have the Verizon router but that’s for everyone in the house. I use at least 6 gi a month.

    • Zgmj01

      Lol sorry we care that we were LIED to by Verizon telling us that we will always have our unlimited data.

    • Guest

      your own fault for not switching to LTE

    • Super Mutant

      Or so says the freak using the free wifi at mcdonalds or the public lib.

  • Mattrixx Nm

    If Verizon decides to “reward” their long term customers by killing off the unlimited data plan, I will “kill off” my Verizon account.  I don’t want to do business with a company that treats me like CRAP!

    Why do business with a corporation that does not value their long term clients????  

  • Zgmj01

    This is rediculous

  • Sherlockag

    Again Customer service Has been lost. Where. Are the rewards for being a loyal customer? They apparently don’t appreciate us so why should we be loyal to them? We shouldn’t! Time to shop when I never considered switching before.

  • Jwmpine

    This sucks…I’m up to 19gigs and I’m only 9 days into my billing..I ues my phone and the data plan for everything. I got my house network but since I’m rarely home I go through a lot of data..this sucks 🙁

    • Davidhgustafson

      Sucks for you, good for me as I have 4G a month to use and users like you slow me down…

    • Guest

      i feel ya, i have 2 lines, and our billing cycle, since we just upgraded was only ~3 weeks, total usage was ~70GB for 3 weeks…Verizon i hope your stocks crash if this goes through

  • Bonnie Roth

    What about the people who already have the 4g that are already grandfathered in? Will they still keep the unlimited. I have AT&T and I’m sure they will follow…

    • Jamesunderwood78

      At&t did it first. They capped like a yr & a half ago unless grandfathered in. 2-3gb a month for like $30

  • Jamesunderwood78

    2gb in a couple hours that is freaking ridiculous! You all are the ones causing these measures to be taken. 70gb, 3 weeks into a billing cycle? Good gracious, how much porn are you looking at. That is why I have lagging download speeds. Honestly, I.use my GPS for work 3-4 times a day. Check my w/ attachments daily& reply daily, several times a day. I.still only.use a little less than 2gb a month. My wife uses about 1 and a half gb; & my 10yr old son only uses 2gb a month. You’ll jump to another network with “unlimited” data…they’ll get a lot of you high usage customers & the end result will be them capping their data also. Doesn’t matter to me; I.use for business & personal use. Still only using less than 2gb…won’t affect me. Good bye I say. If you aren’t happy w/ caps…fare the well. Maybe I’ll be able to download an important.document a little faster

  • Bigjoew2

    Ridiculous. There will always be an influx of new customers as kids get older. Make them get on the tiered plans. Don’t punish loyal customers who have been around for years. I may be dropping Verizon

  • DT

    like the page and share , email ceo on my page,

  • Broze_12

    If /when this goes through, I’m done with Verizon. Loyalty’s a two-way street, something that corporate blood-suckers never did realize.

  • Ebsb52

    Stay with this and my years long run with V will end in Oct as my plan ends. FU Verizon, want to lose business, keep being stupid.

  • indianavarietystore

    only people that down the unlimited users , saying we are slowing there speeds down, dont have unlimited internet. ive been with verizon for ten years plus. i pay dear for unlimited everything on two phones 300$ i live in the sticks, no internet is offered. we dont use alot , but if i wanted to i no its there. i have seen the 4g network a handfull of times, when we travel a hour away to go out on the town. and we never use the net due to doing more important things. so just because you new users, or users that didnt wanna pay the 30$ per line a month it would be nice if you would keep to urself , you got what you wanted different data plans. wait till they take something away thAT YOU want or need. the pot will call the kettle black! indianavarietystore!

  • AlnandoEspaillatdr2

    what if you already have lte 4g? can you still upgrade your device?

  • buildakicker

    I have just upgraded to the GNEX, so I hopefully won’t need a new phone in the next few years. If I can stay on the Unlimited data deal and not sign a new contract, then SWEET! I’ll keep it… Otherwise… Sprint is looking better as of today…

    • Guest

      Just don’t do anymore upgrades.  If you wanna keep your unlimited plan, you’ll just have to pay full price for your next phone.  Which is $600-700.  Upgrading will subsidize you phone to $2-300, but, you’ll have to renew your data plan to share and cap…F U Verizo

  • Will

    Golden for the next two years so I can tell Verizon to suck it, and since I will take a stand both me and my brother will then return to just basic phones to make a point to Verizon people won’t stand for their bullshit, it is just a shame not everyone will do it to prove a point to Verizon but I guess some people need their instant gratification. 

    • tyler

      Read the fine print in your contract, “subject to change at any time” its in all of them.

  • Agentsim123

    What if you bought a 4G phone during the lifetime of the original $30 unlimited plan? Don’t I theoretically have an “unlimited 4G data plan” already?

  • adam

    just talked to Verizon customer service stated 3g to 4g data plan switch will definitely be before summer is over so hurry in for the 4g phones if you are still on the old skool


    Looking at switching to Sprint. If Verizon is changing their policies then does that mean I will be able to break my contract with no fee?

  • Joe

    They say 90% of their customers don’t go over what they offer in the tiered plans but I do, so what are they doing for me? Nothing. I’m really considering going to Sprint.

  • Namic

    Yeah they are changing your plan if you get a new 4G LTE phone when your
    contract is up and you extend the contract buy buying a upgrade
    discount priced phone. Doing that will force you into a shared data plan

    The only way to keep unlimited data is to buy a phone at the full
    price(600-800 dollars) that way you are not making the trade for the
    discount in a new phone for your unlimited data!!.

    do not go for a upgrade phone discount thru Verizon!! buy your phone at full price if you want to keep your data plan people!!!

    sorry to say but all the pre-orders of the gs3 will lose their unlimited data!!

    i just got off the phone with them!!!


  • kdsand

    I’ve been sick of Verizon for so so long.
    Verizon made contracts with their customers with ( unlimited) data plans and guess what the company made money. I don’t feel sorry for Verizon & I haven’t been brainwashed into thinking Verizon is looking for anything other than more money.

    People saying unlimited plans are bad are stupid & sooner or later Verizon will bend them over in turn.

    I shall likely go no contract with prepaid within a couple of months. So Verizon can go to – well anywhere away from me

  • Quentin Burton

    Verizon! Sometimes I love you and sometime I hate you….this is one of those time im going to hate you -_-

  • Melissa Reeves

    straight talk is the way to go people 45 a month unlimited

  • sevenandseven

    I’ve been with Verizon for over ten years now and I without a doubt will be switching carriers when my contract is up. To offer 2gigsa of data at the same price as the unlimited plan is ridiculous and a slap to the face. Verizon can suck it!

  • I just went to Best Buy to upgrade to the Galaxy S3 phone for Verizon when I found out they were cutting the unlimited data plan. I’ve been a long time customer of Verizon and am absolutely pissed off about this! I just want to voice my frustration at a move that is going to lose many long time Verizon customers. So long Verizon it was a good run, time to move onto a better service provider that isnt going to try to rip me off!

  • mikemike89

    well heres the thing yes it sucks, but the fact of the matter is if you use wifi it dosnt go against your data usage because you are piggir backing off of another internet source so for those who have the luxury of having wifi at work/home will save alot of usage. but yes ive had verizon for 6 years and it does suck but you ca still buy certified preowned devices and there for will not have to pay full price and will not have to sign a new contract. also you stilll hae your warrenty just in case if something were to happen and thats wether or not you buy 4g or 3g phones it should not affect your contract because your not signing a new one but it dose pss me off that verizon is doing this because alot of people stayed with verizon or went to verizon because of unlimitted data

  • LCariello

    I spoke with a Verizon rep last night about this issue for well over an hour. This is a terrible move on Verizon’s part. I have been a wireless customer for almost 12 years and I’m only 25 (I have many cell years ahead of me). I am a loyal customer. I have switched providers once in the 12 years (to Nextel) and switched back to Verizon one week later.

    I own a restaurant where all AT&T users get absolutely no service! I am a Verzion advocate 100% of the way. Eveytime I see a customer struggle with cell reception, I throw in a sarcastic comment about AT&T and tell them that Verizon is the only way to go. Well, unfortunately now, that’s changing.

    I was told in July that the unlimited data is no longer available to new customers, but that I was “grandfathered” in and could keep my package as long as I am a Verizon customer and I don’t change my plan.

    I honestly feel like Verizon can’t be trusted and its only a matter of time before something else shady happens, like raising the data prices. The representative assured me that I don’t use enough data to be affected by this change, except this month of course. I traveled to a region where wifi was unavailable and upon my return home, half of the northern east coast has no power. It’s unknown how long I will be out of power. Therefore, my data usage is almost triple the amount I usually use and I have 14 days left before my account cycles. The Verizon rep assured me that if I monitor the usage I can change the plan temporarily to allow and pay for more data without penalty charges…. As long as you do it before the plan cycles (always a catch, if you have never monitored usage before it seems like an extra, unnecessary task). If I had taken my upgrade, hypothetically, I would be paying overage fees right now because I’m too busy helpings family and cleaning up my own home and business after Hurricane Sandy and checking my data usage is not really my concern right now.

    He also assure me that although I would be losing unlimited data, I’d be gaining unlimited minutes. As stated earlier I’ve been a customer for nearly 12 years, my husband, family and friends ALL have Verizon. I don’t need unlimited minutes!! I have “In Calling”.

    My contract expires in a few months and to be honest, I’m shopping around. A friend of mine has the exact plan as me with Sprint and she pays $79.99 whereas I pay close to $100 for the same service. And did I mention, she has 4G, I don’t…

    Bottom line, the only way to stop this is to make noise. Even if it doesn’t affect you right now, it will one day.. And if you planned on staying with Verizon, they need to start appreciating their “valued customers”.


    Been with VerizonWireless, Paid for a Iphone 4s 3G only, no upgrade. Then Apple releases Iphone 5, 4Glte, within 6 months. Not the problem, I had UNLIMITED DATA, AND IT WAS WHAT ENTICED ME to stay with Verizon, Then with a wave of the CEO’s whim, it was striped from me, I have a contract that I signed up for two years. Just try and get out of a contract with Verizon or any other Carrier, there is No customer loyalty. Remember, we paid as the customer to build the infrastructure of these towers that are across the US landscape, and this is the way we are rewarded for paying an average of 100.00 monthly or more, plus the Feds tax. If you don’t know that Verizon paid 1.25 million to the US Treasury for a violation of the Teathering, so why did we, the customer recieve compensation for the violation also. The Govenment isn’t going to cut there own throat and tick off Verizon. In the time it took me to write this blog, Verizon already made up for the 1.25 million dollar fine. THIS IS MONOPOLY PERIOD. TIME TO DEREGULATE. It’s time to SAY NO TO MA CELL PHONE carriers. The infrastructure is in place, time to get a thank you instead of screwed. WRITE FCC FTC AND COMPLAIN ABOUT BAIT AND SWITCH IS UNLAWFUL.

  • BirdDogginCockBag463

    Hmmmm. Never happened did it? You stupid angry assholes

  • Mr angry a hole

    Angry a holes huh? Well let me be the first to say it just happened. I have been a Verizon customer for many many years. I have 4 iphone4s. I also had the mifi 2200. Went in to Verizon to find out about upgrades as I was due for upgrades on all. Was told by Verizon they could not upgrade any of my phones or mifi unless I got off my old unlimited plan. After much time on the phone with Verizon themselves and with the rep in my face we still came to the brick wall of not getting my upgrades unless I switched off the old plan. As I use my mifi card for business and noticed the service was getting much worse I finally made the choice to say screw it and change the plan to upgrade. I wish now that I would have just gone to another carrier because my service has never been worse. I called Verizon over this problem and got a very nice person on the phone who said OMG you did not have to switch plans you could have just upgraded but hey it’s to late now so basically you’re screwed. As far as the service being worse she had no explanation except to dial *228 a lot. So here I am with the worse service I have ever had with Verizon and a brand new two year contract so yes I’m a bit angry and yes it did happen and is happening mr uninformed.

  • Eli

    Bought a used s3 on ebay after rocking the droid x since I got it 3 years ago and my unlimited data transfered over to 4g. So this page is wrong. Btw I been verizon for about 7 years so yes its the unlimited grandfathered tier.