Verizon kicks off 300 MB Daily Plan for tablets

November 22, 2013

People with tablets might want to use their devices to connect to the Internet from time to time but don't want to be tied down to a full two-year contract. Verizon might just have the right thing with a new low-cost daily prepaid plan made especially for this type of mobile users.

This daily prepaid plan starts at a very low price of $5, which gives the subscriber 300 MB of data. For more Internet savvy users, 300 MB is just but a drop in a pond. But those users will probably opt for a higher rate, more expensive subscription anyway. This plan is best suited for tablets, like the Samsung Galaxy Note 10.1, or, better yet, connected devices, like the Samsung Galaxy Camera, some of which don't consume much data on a day-to-day basis.

The Daily Plan is, however, quite flexible. The way it works is that the $5 applies to 24 hours or until the $300 is spent up. Should users feel the immediate need for more data, they can purchase another 300 MB of data for the rest of the day. Of course, that will cost them another $5 for that day.

Verizon customers still have other options should they want more data but still not be held to a regular postpaid contract. Billing in this tier, however, is set on a monthly basis, starting at $20 for 1 GB worth of data for a month. The highest option has a data limit of 10 GB but also raises the price to $80 per month.

VIA: PhoneDog

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