The Verizon HTC One is coming to store shelves “this summer” according to Verizon. Sadly as of Friday June 21st, it is officially summer and we’re still waiting for more news from Big Red regarding the device. It’s safe to say that by now many potential buyers have moved on to the Galaxy S4 or iPhone 5, or even moved over to AT&T for their HTC One fix. So what’s the deal Verizon?

HTC announced their impressive new HTC One flagship smartphone back in February, and it eventually made its way to US shelves and launched on all major carriers in April, except for Verizon. AT&T got the stunning new smartphone back on April 19th, and the rumors around if and when Verizon would offer the top-tier device floated around for almost two months.

Nearly three weeks ago Verizon finally confirmed on Twitter that they’d be carrying the 4.7-inch 1080p HD display packing quad-core smartphone, and that’s basically all they had to say. That’s it. Stating the HTC One was coming “later this summer” and the entire device or launch date has remained a mystery. Summer is here, people are planning it out, getting ready for upgrades, so you better act fast Verizon.


What gives? With AT&T 4G LTE nearly catching up with Verizon, phones arriving sooner, updates not being a mess, is there a reason to wait and stay? Who knows. What we do know is competition is strong and only getting stronger. Announcing phones 2 months later than the competition, then leaving potential buyers wondering for weeks (or months) isn’t the best way to go about it. This is just my personal opinion, and many comments we’ve received over the past month feel the same way.

Summer is technically from June 21st to the end of September, so we could be waiting a while for a Verizon HTC One. They did say “later this summer” which means nothing. One of our sources states Thursday, July 18th could be the release date, but so far Verizon has nothing set in stone, and are taking their sweet time. They aren’t too concerned with bringing this phone to market, it would seem.

We’ve also been told the recent update from HTC to Android 4.2.2 Jelly Bean could be part of the problem, as we all know Verizon has a thorough testing phase for updates. If they were nearing a release and had to delay it for the update, that would make sense. 4.2.2 was rumored for the HTC One in mid June, and we’re expecting the Verizon flavor to have the latest OS out of the box.

Summer is finally here and we’re expecting more details or an actual release date soon from Verizon, but don’t hold your breath.

  • Al

    Definitely a disappointment on Verizon’s behalf. I was hoping for atleast a release date by now.

  • nathan

    As long as they dont put their verizon logo on the front side of the phone im buyimg it

  • AndroidShiz

    They’re probably trying to figure out how to replace all the wallpapers with Verizon logos and stuff it with their award winning, sought the world over, useful and glorious apps. Verizon, where your phone’s resale value drops faster than a meteor shower, but the coverage is good.

    • Hawkmoon269

      Coverage is really the only thing they have from the competitors. AT&Ts 4G LTE has proven to be faster than Verizon. Since I hardly ever leave my area, I’ll take speed over coverage any day.

  • KAL

    Verizon has really screwed up this HTC One launch. They should be embarrassed.

    • jcal1

      They’re not embarrassed. They are arrogant and feel that their customers will be totally loyal and take whatever they are given.

      An embarrassed company acts with a bit more humility than Verizon does. My speculation is that it has such a back-stock of “old phones” that they cannot afford to stock the newer ones. Hence no HTC one – or anything close, and only the 16GB S4.

      If they are busy adding bloatware to the HTC then they are just shooting themselves in the foot. That stuff is going by-bye as time progresses.

  • skid

    By the time the phone comes out it will be outdated! Already been out for 6 months!

    • Hawkmoon269

      I know. HTC may release a HTC One soon by the time these bloody fools get it.

  • Kyle

    Agreed. Verizon really dropped the ball on this one. The phone will be outdated by the time it comes out and will probably not get very high in sales, since most users have settled with other phones. The S4 is out now, and has some arguably better features/specs.

    • jcal1

      Yes, the S4 is out too – but Verizon won’t sell it in 32 or 64Gb versions. And just apps (not data) can be put on the SD card. Gee, it’s 2013 and they expect us to use smartphones with 8 or 9 GB of available memory?

  • DJ

    Typical Verizon. That’s why I took our 6 handsets and left…I had enough of Verizon’s ‘stalling’ for every bloody product. Not to mention the deterioration of their 3G network (to force people over to the 4G)…so happy with AT&T, 5 out of 5 stars baby! Buh-Bye “Red”!

  • TheKaz1969

    I know, right? 2 days into summer, and the phone isn’t released yet?!?!

    *rolls eyes*

    • The more important fact is other carriers have had the phone for 2 months!

    • Hawkmoon269

      And more importantly, there’s already rumor of an HTC One mini and Mega…Those may come out before Verizon get’s the One!

    • Steve

      At least they could give us a release date…

      I’ll admit, I am another Verizon customer who is getting awfully frustrated with this company. Devices come much later compared to other carriers, they are extremely vague with details, they add so much bloatware, they delay updates to phones for months, destroyed the Nexus program (Nexus Prime owner here), and are getting a bit too pompous. Time to re-think your business model, Big Red! You might be losing my 5 dataplans sometime soon…

  • jcal1

    If they wait much longer, I will jump ship and move to AT&T. It’s not just the phone, it’s the attitude. Verizon keeps telling us “in the future” but won’t get specific. That just doesn’t cut it considering their charges.

    AT&T will be closing in on Verizon soon in certain 4G LTE markets and I live in one of them. If Sprint can sell the phone, then Verizon can (they’re both CDMA). So there can’t be a compatibility issue. Waiting for 4.2.2 is nonsense, because that will be out as the “Nexus variants” in a couple of days. Or is Verizon that technologically inept?

    To top all that off, Verizon still only sells Samsung S4’s in 16Gb form. They really must look down on their customer base! Verizon has all the attitude problems of Apple, but nothing to back up the attitude (not that anyone should have that).

    • DJ


      I jumped ship last Sept 2012 (after 14+ years with Verizon) and couldn’t be happier (and so is the family)…don’t get me wrong, the Verizon people were nice so it wasn’t because of that…it was their horrible product releases and bad 3G network…AT&T was awesome, got the latest phones, 5 bars of service, you won’t be sorry…..


  • Hawkmoon269

    Is this what HTC & Verizon mean by “it’ll be worth the wait” because it may get 4.2.2. Just release the phone now, I can always update to 4.2.2, albeit year from now, but at least we get the phone.

  • ImmaDroid

    They have to put their touches on it, which we all know is months of hard work and Bloatware!

  • uncleskab

    Tweet says later this summer. Not first day of summer!

  • yankydime

    What about the

    “Samsung Galaxy S4 Developer Edition debuts for Verizon users

    The developer edition of Samsung’s flagship phone can be had for $650” ?

  • John

    5 years with dumb red kiss my behind verizon!! Hello tmobile