Good news folks, it looks like the guys at Big Red have finally started shipping out those Galaxy S III pre-orders. Today Verizon officially announced that the flagship Galaxy S III will be in stores and available to purchase starting July 10th, but we can now confirm those that pre-ordered will get the impressive new phone even sooner.

Customers are now starting to get confirmation emails today from Verizon stating that the Galaxy S III has shipped. We are hearing July 6th from a few tips but a screenshot gathered by Droid-Life shows July 5th. After all the excitement and anticipation the wait is almost over guys!

According to many tips, devices are starting to ship today and if you were one that chose overnight shipping you should get it Thursday morning, since tomorrow is the 4th of July and not open for shipping. Between the tips, leaks, and reports it looks like most of you who pre-ordered back in June, or recently, should all start getting your devices in the next few days. Who’s excited?

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  • Charlie

    Got email at 4:55 pm…shipped. Wll have by 4:30 pm thursday!

  • serpa4

    Ordered on the 12th and still shows processing.

  • Brenda Skyes

    I’m excited!!! I got my email on July 4, confirming shipped! So I will get it sometime today or Friday for sure. :)))) Yee Haw!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • michael

    Just a smoke screen. I receved the shipped email also. Says iniated. 2 day deliver fed x which brings the delivery day to July 9th on my pre order.

  • My order status says there is tremendous demand for this product and there are delays. It will ship on July 10. A smoke screen indeed Michael.