Great news for all you Nexus fans looking to upgrade into one, as of April 23 you will be able to pick one of these bad boys up for $199 with either a new 2-year contract or an upgrade for 2-yrs. It would be wise to hold off for a couple more days if you were planning on dropping your money on one this weekend. It could save you $100 to do so, and who couldn’t use that kind of saving?

With this drop in price, past history would suggest that a 16g phone may also be released then or shortly after. Realistically, with no real news otherwise,this is will most likely just be a price drop for the phone. Also to take note is that the RAZR phones are going to be coming off of the MAP list the day before on April 22, a good indicator that new phones will be hitting the shelves and pockets soon.

Some of the more commonly mentioned are the Droid RAZR HD (known to some as the Droid Fighter) and the Incredible 4g.We recently did a review of the Galaxy Nexus, check it out here: Samsung Galaxy Nexus 4G LTE review. We examine all the features so you can decide if this powerhouse is the right phone to fix your needs.

[via Droidlife]

  • Vash1988

    Costco already are doing this

  • Splicer78

    You will only save $70 since that date is AFTER the BS upgrade fee goes into effect

  • Robert Lapenna

    69 dollars at amazon wireless. Has been for weeks. Why do people pay full price at Verizon?

    • Robert Lapenna

      Check that. 49 dollars!

  • parsonbrown11

    it’s because it is a bunk phone, i have one, unhappy customer

  • Blow

    give them 4.0.4 u crooks