Verizon Galaxy Nexus dropped to $99 – still waits for Jelly Bean

July 23, 2012

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The week is starting off rather nice with Verizon announcing their Samsung Galaxy Nexus (LTE) will be dropped down to just $99 with a new 2-year contract. This marks the lowest Verizon has sold the Google experience device for, and is a pretty solid deal. We've seen low prices like this before but not directly from the folks at Verizon.

With impressive new smartphones like the Samsung Galaxy S III stealing the thunder it makes sense to drop the price of a few older, lower spec'd phones to help sales. The Galaxy Nexus is no slouch though. The camera might be lacking compared to the competition, and it has an older processor under the hood but it gets the latest and greatest Android OS versions from Google. Not to mention the huge development community for said device.

It might be a "Nexus" but Verizon manages to take their sweet time with updates sadly. When Google announced Android 4.1 Jelly Bean they stated the Galaxy Nexus, Nexus S, and Xoom would all see the update mid July. Which has came true and all the above have received the update -- except Verizon models. Both the Verizon Galaxy Nexus and XOOM are still waiting. Hopefully Verizon gives the okay and the LTE Nexus gets Jelly Bean soon, but for now we have no definitive date.

This is still a solid device with tons of upside and potential. Who's snagging one now they're only $99?

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  • worst phone ever!

    • Worst troll ever.

      Come on, at least put some thought into it if you’re going to troll an Android website. Apple fans sure are getting lazy.

  • Robhimself79

    Put jellybean on mine last night. I will go stock again when it comes out but I’m not waiting for Verizon anymore.

  • wow and the model at 0:07 seconds is really hot.. lol

  • I am irritated that I am not getting this update. I spend a small fortune on this phone expecting to get the updates and goodies from Google. I even switched from t-mobile early to get onto Verizon. Not pleased. At least give a date.

    • Verizon never gives dates unfortunately, mostly because they don’t want to have to miss the date.

    • jjofnc

      Yes Verizon sucks. Nexus doesn’t work as a phone and no updates!

      • Mine works perfectly fine as a phone, and the updates will come.

      • jjofnc

        Hey I am glad for you I wish I could use mine as a phone with any confidence that I could complete a call. I have had two phones, 3 SIM cards and still have one way audio issues on a daily basis. There are hundreds if not thousands of people who have these same issues and Verizon will not make good on them. Their resolution is to buy a new phone at full price and sell the non-working phone on Ebay, even after they have concluded that it is a hardware issue.

      • If there were that many people with the problem, there would likely be more news about it, or talk of a recall. I know you’d like to believe tons of other people share this issue, but the reality is only a small percentage of phones are problematic. This happens with all hardware releases.

        Verizon Wireless will also swap your defective device out for a refurb model if you talk with their tech support. They will not simply suggest you buy a new device.

        As much as of a pain this is, sometimes you may go through a few devices until you come across one that works as it should.

    • Christopher Bauman

      Write to verizon. It’s really their fault. Seriously it is. I don’t like to just point fingers, but it’s already been proven that Verizon is the one ordering most of the popular android phones to be locked and encrypted, meaning you can’t update your phone yourself, without extreme measures. Verizon sure as heck won’t push OTA updates to your phone. If you have an unlocked/ unencrypted phone, you will not only get the latest and greatest android versions and roms based on them with tons of options and goodies. You will get them MONTHS perhaps even a YEAR or more before verizon decides to actually get off it’s ass and update stuff.
      Hell I’m already on an updated version of jellybean which is only 4.1 I’m on 4.1.1+ and that has TONS of fixes by the outstanding android community fixing things even google hasn’t yet. just goes to show you how bad carriers are at updating it’s customers phones.

  • Zachary Morris

    and it has an olderprocessor under the hood but it gets the latest and greatest Android OS versions from Google. ”


  • NO JELLY BEAN UPDATE??? This is why i’m with AT&T. I am a graphic designer, so i needed a device that provides a functioning mobile work environment. With my Nexus, i am able to create presentations directly on the device and then send them to my clients on AT&T’s blazing fast 4G LTE network (i live in Atlanta, not sure where else 4G covers). Amazing product!

    • Christopher Bauman

      AT&T does not have 4G or LTE. Verizons LTE is sadly the closest thing to the 4g standard of all the carriers. which even sadder is not even 4g in itself. the standarization body for 4g gave up and just said whatever… fine lte is 4g…etc. LTE and it’s advancement LTE advance is the closest to the real 4g spec out of any carrier. ATT is merely 3g with updates. They even lost a lawsuit in Australia for claiming to have 4g.

      and as far as blazing fast? on ATT ROFL sure….. I am def not the biggest fan of verizon but I get speeds in excess of 25Mbps down AND up.

      • Are any of the networks waht they really claim to be? how can you even tell? I have AT&T and it says 4GLTe… So, you’re saying that’s all not true? Tell my 100s of salon customers; they’re using it, too, here in the ATL.

      • BarbaraSmith111

        Don’t listen to him (C. Bauman) because it’s not that dire. I have AT&T’s 4G LTE, too, and the speed is better than my friends’ phones on any other network including VW 4G LTE. It’s semantics at this point. I’m in Austin, btw, and do heavy-file graphics design work.

      • Hillary Jacobs

        I’ve got AT&T’s 4GLTE and if it’s not “real 4GLTE” (in Dallas) then it’s close enough. I’m not missing anything here in my salon when I surf the Web for hairstyles to show clients. Plenty fast enough.

  • Isabella

    Where can i buy????

  • iamcris

    Here’s what I did to solve my VZW problem with my GNEX. I sold mine on Craigslist for $350 to a VZW customer that had a grandfathered unlimited data plan they didn’t want to lose but also wanted a shiny cell. I ended my contract, bought a Galaxy S III (T-Mobile) and I will most likely be having Jelly Bean next month. I am glad I made the switch and I know i’d be disappointed waiting for the GNEX VZW 4.1 update. There are solutions to your problems. Seek alternatives paths to your happy place. OR buy a GNEX from the play store (unlocked for $350) if you just HAVE to have that phone. Then you can jump ship to ATT or Tmobile and still have great coverage.

    • Christopher Bauman

      sucks for you I guess. Gnex on Verizon was unlockable already so you could have had Jelly Bean on it for the last month or so, before the Google conference was even over with.

      S3 is a nice phone though.

  • mm

    Contract ended with verizon. Signed up on amazon wireless an got nexus for a penny with new 2yr unlimited talk.text and data with sprint.. luvt it!!!!

  • Christopher Bauman

    Articles like this are showing, I hope to most users, that Verizon is a completely incompetent company that doesn’t care about doing the right thing for it’s money-trees… err, I mean customers. Sometimes I wonder why they even bother staying in business since they don’t seem to want anyone to use their network. It costs them less money to run a complete 4g lte(well real 4g so lte advanced? heck even just normal lte too) network than it was/is to run the 3g/edge 2g….blah blah whatever network it was before and yet we had unlimited data on 3g.

    4g Has such HUGE potential and yet Verizon is shooting itself in the foot over and over and over again. I seriously think that the top leadership at Verizon needs either a good ass kicking by consumers or should just resign immediately (forcibly if needed) and let someone who knows wtf is going on in the tech world take leadership. It’s obvious these Imbeciles have no clue what is going on around them, let alone what the growing tech savvy population (ie, CONSUMERS) want.

    Look at what made Verizon the “top dog” by having such an explosion of popularity compared to other carriers. It was the original droid… so Android and a phone that was completely unlocked and unencrypted for development. This phone had an extremely large and intelligent developer / user community that did things on this phone that I bet even left the hardware manufacturers in awe to what it was capable of after the community got a hold of it.

    So Verizon reaped the benefits of having the original Droid that added Substantial monetary value to the company, if not by droid sales, than by subsequent subscribers of unlimited data and android based phones as time went on.

    Now they taunt us with commercials of what we are supposed to be able to do with 4g and android… watch NFL, stream/listen to music, watch live tv or movies or episodes on demand or watch youtube… whatever you want, yet they strip away unlimited data and add completely idiotically place data tiers and basically try and force us from using their network at all. They want us to use wifi at home….. Think about that…. Verizon, the phone company, which we pay probably $100 or much much more per month wants US to use our own home isp connection which we also probably pay $50-$100+ / month, to unload what should be VERIZON TRAFFIC onto it.

    Then to top it off they Slap their customers in the face, they not only removed the unlimited data, they are also forcing manufacturers of these EXTREMELY(read: money making… subscriber adding) phones to lock the bootloaders AND encrypt them so that no development or the community around it can form. So why should anyone use verizon at all? Unless you managed to keep a firm hold of your unlimited data through your contract, none…. and this is where these execs need to just be fired. There will be an exodus of consumers once the contract period is up and they will flock to a company that knows WTF they are doing and how to treat customers.

    PS verizon, WE the customers OWN the phone, whether it be subsidized or paid in full (subsidized we pay for it in the long run over the contract anyways). We should have the option to do what we wish with the phone. Locking and encrypting the phones and refusing to undo it and pointing fingers at everyone but yourselves is both morally and ethically wrong. You are like the apple of cellphone carriers and that is not a compliment, not even close.

    I will give you a few words of advice though I hardly think you will read this, or listen.

    1) UNLIMITED data is key to keeping people on your network, if it does not just start adding subscribers by the bucket load, maybe even more so than the phones, locked or unlocked.

    2.) We pay for our phones no matter what (subsidized or in full). You have no right to lock us out of our own devices to be able to customize them as we see fit to meet our needs.. If someone breaks a law or does something illegal that go after them, but let the rest of us enjoy our phones how we wish.

    If you don’t wish to become the laughing stock of carriers in the U.S.A you need to seriously reflect on things like this and change. As it stands now YOU ARE a laughing a stock in most of the world and so are most american carriers compared to carriers in Europe or Asia.

    oh and to top it off, LOL at VERIZON, locked and encrypted we can still find a way around their stupid attempts to keep us from using our phones. we can root and boot around their encrypted bullshit and use our phones anyways so…. HAHHAH ROFL you spent money on nothing… ahhhaha. perhaps it would be better spent on say… the actual network? yes?

    • Christopher Bauman

      geez, it’s like a book. but still dang, verizon is totally screwing customers. It’s like they are intentionally trying to drive away the customer base that made them what they are today and let them even get into the 4g market. What is the point of having this “biggest/ fastest… blah blah 4g network in the world or U.S at least, if you don’t even want people to actually use it?

      anyways yeah, it’s COMPLETELY VERIZONs fault that Jelly Bean hasn’t been put onto phones yet (on it’s network at least). I have the Galaxy Nexus on the verizon network which means it’s of course unlocked (ROFL at verizon) so it’s unlocked and unencrypted and I can do with it as I see fit. I’ve had jellybean on my phone working just fantastically since before the last day of the Google I/O conference I do believe. Hell it’s already ported to almost every single android phone out there. It’s the bullshit pulled by verizon and any other company that tries to lock and encrypt phones that prevent the consumers from benefiting from these extremely nice updates.

  • Tonystark91

    It is a dollar at Best Buy mobile.