Verizon has finally started pushing out the update to Android 4.0.4 Ice Cream Sandwich for the Verizon Samsung Galaxy Nexus, or so that is what we are hearing the past 24 hours. If the update hasn’t hit for you yet, or you’re running a custom ROM we have the latest radio that comes with the update available for download.

Many Nexus users are probably still on the Android 4.0.2 update, and some might be using the leaked 4.0.4 from a few months back but the newest version rolling out today is said to seriously improve 3G and 4G hand-offs and improve signal strength. Users will see faster 3G/4G switching and in return — improved battery life. You can wait for the update yourself, or if running a custom ROM (CM9, AOKP) or many other different ROM’s you can simply flash the file below in recovery.

This is a ZIP and needs to be flashed in a custom recovery like TWRP or Clockworkmod, not fastboot, and will replace the CDMA, LTE, and bootloader files. As a warning the CDMA takes well over a minute so if it seems to be taking too long just let it finish. We are hearing this works with ANY Verizon Galaxy Nexus build and I’ve flashed it myself and seem to have similar results as before, but will report back later as I use it throughout the day.

Download and flash the latest Android 4.0.4 IMM76K radios for the Galaxy Nexus (Thanks to XDA) and let us know how your speeds and 3G/4G goes in the comments below.

Download: [mirror]

[device id=2091]

  • Samsonlastinger

    much needed as i just got one 2 days ago and battery last about 3 hrs around 4g service i had to finally switch to just cdma to make a phone call

    • JLP001

      buy the extended battery at verizon. its 50% off costing only 25.00. If you demand it free considering the update is supposed to fix ‘known battery’ issues’ you may actually get it. I personally (having other 4g phones), find this one to be similar in battery sucking. I think the biggest issue at first was my inability to actually stop playing with the phone. ICS 4.0.2 is a new os for most of us (I came off gingerbread). It’s a beautiful layout as well as much more inviting to customize and explore. Once you actually leave the phone alone (as you probably did with your old phone) you should see its not that bad. Use auto screen brightness (big save), if you talk all day, well maybe go back to a flip phone because 4g phones are made for speed and that relates directly to internet and apps. If you talk mostly, keep the phone on a charger in car/home when possible. It’s just the nature of the beast with 4g phones. Even though razr maxx does state having the longest talkj time which comes at no surprise having a 3300 battery. which makes me wonder why I can’t get such a slim 3300 battery for my nexus  lol Till then, put the phone down, use auto brightness, use a charger whenever possible and buy the extended battery FROM VERIZON. The generics are basically crap from amazon. At 25 bucks its a good deal and you have same day. In addition, the battery seems to last longer and longer as you drain it to like 4% and then recharge. Do this like twenty times and I can honestly tell you, my battery now lasts a hell of a lot longer. 

  • Sean Nelson

    I’m on day 13 of my 14 day trial of this phone, and NOW they come out with this update?  If this doesn’t fix my coverage issues on my rural Wisconsin drive tomorrow, I will regretfully have to return this beautiful device 🙁

    • JLP001

      Call 611. I had to negotiate for almost an hour to get approval to hold onto the phone until the update launched. I explained that selling me a phone that was knowingly flawed is no different then a used car dealer selling you a lemon with a 14 day warranty. At the end of the day, I negotiated an extension allowing me to swap the phone out within 14 days of the actual update. Meaning, if the update doesn’t resolve the signal issues, I can swap the phone out for another verizon phone of greater or lesser value. No questions asked. This took awhile and an upgrade is not the same. Make sure its at no cost to you. So basically, you update, no resolve, you walk into Verizon and say per notes on my account, I would like to swap my phone for say the razor maxx as example. This should be done with no cost to you. If you’re better at negotiating, maybe you can get them to allow you to break the contract. Doubt that one though as that was my initial desire and got shot down pretty much immediately. If you seriously don’;t want another phone (especially with so many new phones arriving as we well as existing receiving ICS 4.0.4, just play the game. Return the phone, pay the restock and sign up at say Sprint. I believe they give you a 30 day evaluation period. If the Nexus gets updated in that time, cancel Sprint and go back to Verizon starting the cycle over again. It’s playing dirty, but after all, the vendors are playing you. So, leave the guilt at home. Personally, I love the nexus so I didn’t want to give it up and at the end of the day, I decided I would live with the issues if I had too. Hope this helps….Jay

      • theNewDanger

        “of greater or lesser value”

        You sure it wasn’t of EQUAL or lesser value?  Verizon can’t be that dumb … can’t be!

    • parsonbrown11

      i hope you took it back, i lost that chance in december and they have been stringing me along….then you read the tech news and the fauxtechno’s love this phone? what gives? get an iphone

  • Verizon. Pffft.

  •  Have updated my Galaxy Nexus to 4.0.4 on yakju (in Australia), the bad news is that the phone’s reception still sucks. I
    replaced an el cheapo LG P500 with this Nexus and the LG had some
    better features and way better reception, VERY disappointed with the
    Nexus. The big screen is nice, but totally useless without phone service.

    • parsonbrown11

      it’s the most hyped hunk of garbage in history of computing

      • John

        Trolls will be trolls

      • parsonbrown11

        i think there is a cortisone cream that can help you……

      • John


  • Ieatcarbs

    No dice getting this to work on 4.0.4 IMM30B. Fortunately nothing bad happens–you go through the entire process, get past the CDMA radio updating phase, complete, reboot–and end up right back at IMM30B. I hear you may have to revert to ICL53F and THEN try this. Sigh.

    • yes this is true, i had the IMM30B build and had the same issue until I reverted back to 4.0.2 which then i was able to flash the new build. It was a pain but its worth it as the 3G/4G switching is incredibly faster, almost instantaneous.

      • Ieatcarbs

        So I reverted back to 4.0.2 ICL53F, then applied this. Epic fail. I am still suffering total signal loss a split-second after I had a full signal. 

        Spent hours on this last night. I backed everything up with the GN Root Toolkit, went back to 4.0.2 stock, flashed 4.0.4 IMM76K, tried to restore my data and apps using GN Root Toolkit only to find it only partially restored everything–I should have just dragged/dropped certain folders, because all my photos are gone. 

        Long story short, I finally got everything back the way I wanted it after hours of work, only to notice–hey, I’m still suffering intermittent total signal dropout. 

        Verizon had thought my issue was 4G/3G switching, but I’m not so sure. If I’m on wi-fi, I’m not using 4G, and I will get the dreaded gray X just as sure as I do when I’m walking outside on the sidewalk. Sigh. In other news, my callers say the echo they were hearing is even louder today. Double sigh.

      • parsonbrown11

        take it to the store and tell them what you did and have them restore it to stock 4.0.2
        best you can hope for
        this guy is poster child for NOT ROOTING (voiding your warranty)

      • just an update on my situation. after having it for a few days i’ve come to notice that in my house for whatever reason it intermittently loses complete internet connection as compared to the IMM30B build it was excellent but when i go to school or work or other places the connection has gotten stronger and faster. Shame that yours is having issues, guess that’s why verizon isn’t pushing it out to everyone. i suggest that you just go back to IMM30B until another build comes out

  • Derwoodw

    I would have never rooted my phone but the thought of 4.0.4 being out there and having to wait for Verizon to release was just too much. Even if it was a day. My phone was that bad. I’m in an area where I’m on the extended network all day. I had the gray signal bars and rarely had a data connection. The phone was useless except for phone calls. 4.0.4 ROCKS! I now have 4G and it’s not even supposed to be around here. I have had 100% data connection all day. One thing that’s surprised me is battery consumption is vastly improved…… 50%. I haven’t noticed an improvement with the screen rotation though. It’s still slow. Other than a few new things that are subtle, i haven’t noticed any significant visible changes. It’s the changes under the hood that i notice and for me and my situation…’s an infinite improvement.

  • parsonbrown11

    androidpithecus turdsandwicherensis

  • parsonbrown11

    I have 6 mos invested in this junk. if you just bought it, RETURN IT

  • Spoken Word™

    Bitch & Moan! Bitch & Moan! I know most aren’t going to care to hear this but: Every phone has issues and that’s a fact. There’s a reason why Verizon hasn’t pushed the update yet. I want it just as bad as the next GNex owner. But I want it done right! And if you’ve been a Verizon customer for any amount of time you already know that they take their sweet time certifying new software. The GSM Galaxy Nexus is a different beast and it’s issues are different than those of the LTE version. Stop getting sucked into the OS version # BS for incremental updates. The 2 phones will rarely ever be on the same version due to the different cellular technologies. Even the Spring LTE version won’t often share the same version as the Verizon due to the use of different frequencies. If you’re so unhappy with the phone, sell it and move on!

  • Josevarela5786

    this worked like a charm! FYI running open kang milestone 5

    • Thanks for the comment, I was wondering if the radios on m5 were outdated. Hard to understand the version numbers.

  • i dont know a single person who has gotten this update through normal methods.

  • Battlek62

    I haven’t gotten the update yet but i still love my GN. I’ve never had any signal or reboot issues with my phone. My only complaint is battery life when I use 4g. Other than that its great. Really don’t care about the update. All phones have their issues. It is what it is. Surprised that so many people have had problems with this device. :-/

  • This angers me. I bought the nexus for my wife and I a few weeks back. My nexus has been working fine and I love it. My wife’s however, has the network connectivity issue. We have returned the phone twice and got a new sim card, and still the issue persists.
    It wasn’t until recently that I learned this is not a Nexus issue, but a Verizon network issue. Neither one of us has received the update yet, and that is the other thing that angers me; I thought the Google Nexus line always received the updates first! Not to mention, what happened to Google Wallet?
    If this network thing is such a big issue (and from my research, believe me, it is!) why the frak does the tech support people act like they don’t know what the hell the issue is and keep sending us new phones and sim cards instead of just saying, “we have a known issue and we hope to resolve it with the next update”.
    Verizon has always been a pain in the back-side. The only reason we are still with them is because if we change carriers now, we won’t have the unlimited data plan anymore, which we were able to keep since we are antique customers.

    • Jimg50

      i work for verizon business as an engineer for 40 yrs. you are not the only one having data issues. everyone with a 4g verizon phone is. i have spoke with there engineering and tried to work with them with no help. the problem is verizon is new to sim cards, where att used them for years and that is why att works and verizon does not. i can tell you this as i am retired.  now how it does not work. 3g phones you dialed *228 and 2 to update your roming capabilities. all 4g phones do it automatically. the sim card program that verizon uses is flawed. the phone poles the sim card every so often for location, then tells the phone where the phone is located and it updates it roaming info. the flaw is some times it does not get proper info . it is like it thinks it is in the desert. now it goes from 4g to 3g then no data connection. all 4g lte phones do this. swapping out the phone will not help unless verizon fixes their location problem. thats it. the fedex store in piscataway nj mails out over  75 verizon phones back to verizon per day. the sad thing is there is nothing wrong with these phones, your replacement will be just as bad.

      • hyperbolee

        Wouldn’t surprise me if you were a Verizon engineer,  you write like a 10 year old and have the same troubleshooting capabilities.  Verizon is such junk.

      • Holdmabeer

        What an asinine thing to say to the man that just laid the truth out for you. Perhaps the problem isn’t his writing, but your reading comprehension.

      • Jimg50

        You not read that he said i wtite like a ten year old. I an a Verizon business
        Engineer, and all 4glte phones have the same data
        Problem , as i explained before. It was his insulting comment
        that got me mad.

      • Jimg50

        Sorry for errors, its this tiny kybd.

  • Is it possible to connect the new Nexus 7 to the internet via the micro USB using a 3G Dongle?