Verizon and McAfee launch mobile security app for Verizon customers

September 11, 2012

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This morning the folks from Verizon announced an all new mobile security app that is being powered by the popular McAfee Anti-Virus company and Asurion. Conveniently they named it Verizon Mobile Security, and it's available right now for the few that feel a security or antivirus app for Android is truly needed.

For the 10 of you using the new uTorrent app for Android or going to the occasional warez site in some shady Chinese corner of the interwebs -- this app is for you. For everyone else however, this is just another antivirus app although it does have some notable features that might persuade a few to add it to their options.

Other than the obvious "malware" scan and protection you do get two very worthwhile additional features if you opt for the $1.99 a month option over the free version. Those are remote wipe and device tracking. This means if you lose your lovely Verizon Galaxy S III you can remotely track it, and completely wipe the device should you have sensitive information or don't those thieves digging in.

My 16GB Verizon Galaxy Nexus completely filled with CM10, pictures, videos, ROMs, over 200 apps and more seemed to pass with flying colors and no viruses were detected. It also took about 9 minutes to complete the scan -- not counting the 20 minutes on my Nandroid backups. Verizon even scans their own app, that's reassuring. Overall the free version might be worthwhile, as there's other free apps (Avast, Lookout) that will track and wipe your phone just like their premium upgrade offers.

Overall this app from Verizon is pretty decent. The user interface is average at best but a good option for those that are overly worried about virus protection or data if their device is lost. For now this is an optional download and upgrade. As long as this doesn't become another one of those Verizon featured (bloatware) apps -- we'll be happy. For those interested check out the rest of the screenshots and head to the Google Play Store and get it today.

[via Verizon]

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  • yarrellray

    This is pretty sad coming from Verizon and Google should put a stop to all this crappy bloatware on Verizon devices. This is very shameful to say the least.

    • It isn’t on devices. It is an optional download from the market, but I have a feeling it will soon become bloatware.