The old axiom that the universe hates a vaccum looks to be true with AT&T. Looking to fill a gaping hole left by their now defunct exclusive iPhone deal, AT&T is looking to HTC to provide up to twelve smartphones. And not only that, but these phones will have a serious Facebook presence on them, thereby referring to them as “Facebook Phones.”

Though the phones will not be the HTC Salsa or ChaCha models announced today, the phones will be similar in that they will have Facebook interactivity at the touch of a button. This will include status updates and photo and link sharing.

In addition to the HTC phones, AT&T will also be offering Android smartphones from Samsung, the Motorola Atrix phone and Xoom tablet.

[via All Things Digital]

  • your_neighbor

    LOL. At&t not only will NOT return a part of its ifone users to Verizon, but will become #1, adding sweet Android!

  • Bubba050894

    At&t sucks