Toys “R” Us Tabeo e2 tablet launched with loads of fun for kids

September 10, 2013

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As we've observed, children seem to be the new frontier for tablet manufacturers, which seems to be confirmed by Toys "R" Us announcing the successor to its child-friendly tablet line, the Tabeo e2. Filled with apps for kids, the Tabeo e2 improves on its older sibling, promising to give an upgraded computing experience for children to enjoy.

The toy retailer launched its first Tabeo tablet in October last year, sporting modest hardware. The new Tabeo e2 is no different, at least when compared to the current generation of tablets. The tablet's screen has been upgraded to an 8-inch display sporting a 1024x768 resolution. The processor has similarly been boosted to a dual-core 1 GHz CPU paired with a quad-core GPU. Storage has been doubled to 8 GB, expandable with a micro SD slot. The tablet also features the usual connectivity features such as WiFi, Bluetooth and even an HDMI port.

While the hardware sounds rather nondescript, its just enough for something that's just meant for kids to play with, and hopefully even use for learning. The Tabeo e2 runs Android 4.2 Jelly Bean, giving kids access to around 1,000 parent-approved apps and games from Tabeo's special app store, including popular titles such as Temple Run, Bejeweled, Fruit Ninja, and more. Toys "R" Us also makes mention of parental control features, but has no word on special features that would make the tablet durable, or at least less prone to damage.


The tablet will be launched in stores across the US and online starting October and will come in three colors available exclusively from Toys "R" Us stores. The Tabeo e2 is already available for pre-order with a price tag of $149.99, although the page says that tablet will ship by the end of the year.

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  • I think it is so cool. Tabeo is very suitble for children

  • mBOS


    • Jill

      you can download the amazon app store and get the netflix app and many others from there.

      • jen

        How do you download the Amazon App Store? I went to the Tabeo Store to download the Amazon App and it said (no results)