T-Mobile rolling out new 3G bands

December 20, 2011

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T-Mobile will be following through with their addition of the 1900MHz frequency bands to their network. They'll be updating their towers from here on out, and this will make many current T-Mobile customers extremely happy; the 1900MHz bands should allow unlocked and imported devices to finally reach 3G speeds.

Sure Edge speeds let you access the internet, but it's those with an unlocked speedy smartphone on T-Mobile's network should at least be able to access 3G signal. There's no idea where they'll rollout the updates to the network first, so unlocked iPhone users just keep an eye on your device to see if you finally connect to a 3G network. Maybe we can find an update pattern.

Most future devices from T-Mobile will probably come equipped with capabilities for the new bands - but until then unlocked/international devices will be the only ones compatible. Personally, I was expecting an update to 1900MHz from T-Mobile due to their suggested AT&T buyout deal. Since that has fallen through, hopefully they continue with their plans.

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  • Mikedave63

    I own an unlocked Iphone 4s. Recently I went to Philadelphia and my Edge turned to 3G. Some parts of Philadelphia already using 1900mhz 3G friendly frequency. Anyway here are some pictures

  • Anonymous

    Is there any concrete evidence??? This is my dream come true

  • Guest

    Only place I have seen 3G is in Langhorne near I95 and Route1