For those that own the HTC One S over on T-Mobile the latest software update from HTC should be available and rolling out to handsets starting today. After initially launching the device a few problems apparently arose and HTC and T-Mobile have quickly fixed them up and have started the update today.

T-Mobile themselves have detailed the software upgrade over on their support page. The update was originally scheduled for May 31st but was quickly delayed until today, June 4th. For some reason the support page on was actually changed this morning and no longer says users can manually pull or download the update, instead it will be available OTA (over the air) only.

Previously the update was listed for manual updates as well as over the air, but now it appears to only be the latter of the two. This means you can’t download it from T-Mobile and checking for updates manually won’t work either (but I’d keep trying.) The update is rolling out in stages and you’ll just have to wait your turn. It should be arriving on most handsets over the next few days but is scheduled to continue til July 7th.

Has your T-Mobile HTC One S received the latest over the air update yet? Did it fix your battery drain or stability issues? Let us know by commenting below.

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  • Jonnieboi4

    What are the issues this update is supposedly going to fix?

  • dan matthews

    just got mine now, went to settings then update, worked perfect. Funny how they said it wouldnt work that way.

  • God! Help me! My Wifi error after updating!!!!!!!

  • Jc

    Having problems upgrading? I did. Apparently you may need to do a “Google Checkin” Goto your dialer and call the following number: *#*#2432546#*#*

    This is to me from HTC device support. I got an upgrade notification the next day. I couldn’t find anything about not receiving the update before. This would be useful info to be out there.

    BTW, On T-Mobile and just bought the HTC One last month.

  • Syed

    Wifi Error after updating it last night!! Someone Help Please!!!!