T-Mobile G2 rumors get a little clearer

December 20, 2008

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As more and more tips come in regarding the T-Mobile G2 it gets harder and harder to sift through and decipher what is true and what is not. So all information as of new should be taken as nothing more than a rumor. Here is what a tipster told The Boy Genius Report.

All of the specs that CellphoneSignal reported are very wrong and the launch date could not be more off.  The device is a fully touch handset and as much as we would like, does not have a physical full QWERTY keyboard. Yes there is a trackball at the bottom; they simply could not let it go. The launch of the device has been delayed from late February to April due to uncontrollable software issues.

The T-Mobile G2 will actually be launched on another global carrier with a different name, as T-Mobile G1, G2 and G3 are trademarks of T-mobile. The tipster did not see the G3, yes there apparently is a G3 and it is reportedly coming not long after the G2. We hate to drown you with more rumors, but we felt that we should give you the most reliable rumor out there right now.

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  • Wow, you people couldn’t be more wrong about ALL of this. Even the post is completely wrong and out of wack.

    Those of you who are actually believing that this “G3″ is going to be the real G3, are complete idiots.

    Not to mention the REALLY stupid people that are calling the myTouch 3G the “G2″.

    The myTouch series is a TOTALLY different series developed by HTC and branded by T-Mobile. The “G-Series” trough T-Mobile is a totally different series of Android phones. They are keeping the originality of the G1 within the G2. The G2 DOES feature a full slide out QWERTY keyboard and does look similar to the G1. Not to mention it also has the Z-hinge swing out keyboard instead of a slide out keyboard to keep the originality of their “G-Series” phones.

    Those of you who are saying that T-Mobile can’t use “G2″ as a trademark because Gatorade has a thing called the “G2 Series”, you are total morons. T-Mobile’s “G-Series” is totally different from the “G2 Gatorade Series”. Besides if you go back and look at the timeline, you’ll see that T-Mobile had the “G-Series” before Gatorade, so if anyone should be claimed for copyright infringement it should be Gatorade, but it’s not going to happen because it’s COMPLETELY DIFFERENT!

    Going back to the myTouch series, the myTouch originally came out as a sister phone to the G1 because they’re both developed by HTC and branded by T-Mobile. They then decided to go with the myTouch series when it came to developing more phones for them because they had such a popular demand for them simply because the G1 was originally designed so badly that it couldn’t even be updated to the new Android OS.

    HTC then discontinued the make of the phone and released the myTouch 3G Slide in place of the G1. They then decided to come out with the G2! The G2 is NOT what people claim to be the “HTC Magic”!!! The phone that is actually the HTC Magic is the myTouch 3G!

    Compare them!

    The G2 was actually released in late of 2010, and it was released as the successor to the G1. There has been NO WORD on a G3 WHAT-SO-EVER. This phone that you’re seeing here is an imitation device…

    Think about it… If you go to http://g2.t-mobile.com you can see what the REAL G2 looks like.

    Also, read the specs and the reviews.
    You’ll see that HTC stated they wanted to stay true to the G-Series phones by integrating a FULL QWERTY keyboard, a unique design, and original Android operating system (only that it would be upgradable and more updated) that’s why they didn’t preload it with HTC Sense UI because they wanted to stay true to ANDROID since the G1 was actually the VERY FIRST Android phone to market.

    So think about it… If HTC and T-Mobile decided to launch a G3 in the future. They’re not going to release a device that is as stupid and simple as this. Not to mention, they’re not going to release a G3 that is only capable on running a 3G network seeing that their new G2 is now a 4G phone! Therefore, to make a G3 that ran on a 3G network and not 4G would actually be a step down for them!

    If they develop a G3, they’ll stay true to the G-series by integrating a FULL QWERTY keyboard, unique design and stay true to the original Android interface (with the latest version of the OS).

    So there, all you people that come on here acting like you know what you’re talking about. Make sure that you do your research before you pretend to know everything. Because BELIEVE ME, I’ve done mine.