Today the folks from T-Mobile just unleashed tons of details on their future. With new “UNcarrier” unlimited plans, no contracts, the iPhone 5, HTC One and of course their 4G LTE network. In case you haven’t been following along the “No More Mr. Nice Guy (or girl)” campaign is long over and the black leather-clad Bad Girl Carly commercials are only going to continue. Today T-Mobile confirmed their first 7 cities with 4G LTE, and more than 200 million users can expect to have LTE in the next 6 months.

Essentially a few of the metro areas we’ve already heard about and been reporting on, and a few more, will all have 4G LTE as of today. We’ve actually already been seeing LTE live from T-Mobile in a few locations, like Las Vegas and Phoenix, and today (or soon) they should all be getting the green light from good guy gone bad.. T-Mobile. Here’s the first 7 locations, although oddly New York City wasn’t listed:

– Baltimore
– Houston
– Kansas City
– Las Vegas
– Phoenix
– San Jose, Calif.
– Washington, D.C.

As we mentioned earlier today, T-Mobiles has a few 4G LTE phones that will be available. Aside from the BlackBerry Z10 and the iPhone, T-Mobile will be offering 3 Android devices with 4G LTE out of the gate. That being the Galaxy S 4, the Galaxy Note II (which already supports LTE) and the upcoming HTC One smartphone.

T-Mobile then went on to tell us all that this is only the start. The start to a long but quick rollout to offer the fastest and biggest 4G LTE network. Obviously these devices all support their faux-4G HSPA+ speeds, so combining them with T-Mo 4G LTE you’ll have a pretty big network to be working with. The update and rollout of 4G LTE for T-Mobile expects nearly 100 million users to have 4G LTE in the US by summer, and over 200 million customers throughout the US by the end of 2013. We’ll continue to update as we hear more, and hopefully they announce more cities in the coming weeks.

  • MsOno

    I have the Samsung Galaxy Note2. I live in Los Angeles and received the 4gLTE update this morning.

  • Ruben James

    It’s too bad that T-Mobile hasn’t released LTE in Denver yet. I have the Note 2 and while 4G is plenty fast, I would like to start streaming using the LTE network, especially after I got a taste of how fast it is. Last weekend, I went on a small holiday from work at DISH and got to try out the new LTE network in Vegas. During my trip, I was able to keep up with my shows using the DISH Anywhere app on my phone and as a result of using LTE, streaming quality was fantastic.

  • s2j3607

    I have a Samsung galaxy note 2, I was at a gas station at 151 W. 10600 S. Sandy, UT and upon looking at my phone I had an LTE symbol under the 4G symbol. Under settings/ network data type it was LTE:16. I should have ran a speed test but didn’t think of it. To my knowledge tmobile hasn’t added LTE to utah yet so im not sure how it happened.