T-Mobile 4G LTE launching in Las Vegas next week with Galaxy S III support

January 16, 2013

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We have some potentially great news for all you T-Mobile fans. They have huge plans for a 4G LTE network to take on Verizon and AT&T, but new reports are stating their 4G LTE could finally kick off next week. Details have confirmed that T-Mobile could enable their 4G LTE market in Las Vegas as early as next week followed by Kansas City and others in February. Even bigger news is the Samsung Galaxy S III and Note II will be the first devices with 4G LTE support.

You read that right. According to the reports the T-Mobile Galaxy S III and Note II will be their first 4G LTE capable devices. We've seen reports that that the T-Mobile Note II had 4G LTE radios lying dormant in the device, and it looks like an update will soon arrive that will enable those LTE speeds.

Apparently during an interview at CES 2013 in Las Vegas, T-Mobile's CTO Neville Ray told FierceWireless that the Las Vegas market "is coming on real fast". After further talks he said it would be coming extremely soon, and would have launched during CES but some last minute tweaks and changes delayed that plan. T-Mobile has huge plans for their 4G LTE rollout too, and could cause a few people to jump ship from Verizon.

T-Mobile has been running LTE trials since late last summer, but confirmed their actual rollout would begin in 2013. Now that the year's started strong we can expect it any minute now. According to the Magenta carrier their 4G LTE will cover 100 million customers before mid-summer, be available to over 170 million by fall, and reach 200 million Americans by the end of 2013. That's a pretty fast push if you ask us. Most likely we'll see 4G LTE in Vegas first then Kansas City. Followed by Baltimore, Houston, and Washington, D.C. Who's excited about T-Mobile 4G LTE?

[via FierceWireless]

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  • Captain_Doug

    I’m excited. Can’t roll out fast enough.

    • Are you in Vegas Doug? I am.. Yea I’m interested to see how this plays out.

      • Captain_Doug

        Nope. Right now I’m in Utah but getting out ASAP. I’m actually going into the Army so wherever that takes me will hopefully have T-mo LTE soon. I’d even be happy with some 1900mhz 3G. I check that map pretty often.

      • Oh fun. I’m going to Utah this weekend. Visit some family and do some Ice Fishing at Strawberry.

      • Captain_Doug

        That’s right in my area. It’s been below freezing since Friday and won’t get above freezing until Saturday. Should be plenty of ice. Not so sure about fish. ;D Good luck.

      • Scott Norcross

        I am also going into the Army , I leave March 19.EOD Tech 89 Delta. Whats your MOS?

  • coming from Sprint I just got a Nexus 4 and was excited enough for HSPA+, which will be worlds faster than even Sprint’s LTE network, this is great news!

  • Scott Norcross

    Can’t wait until they light up Philadelphia!

  • cant wait till it comes to all of florida!!

  • Charles Ohiri

    Cant wait for it to come to seattle 😀

  • Bill Smith

    Next week huh? Tommorow will be March.